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Editorial: Ohio quakes shake up the fracking debate


The Santa Rosa Press Democrat In Anderson Springs and other towns near The Geysers, residents rock and roll through earthquakes triggered by geothermal energy production. The quakes tend to be small, rattling nerves but causing little if any damage. Yet these temblors occur more frequently since energy companies operating in the steamfields along the Sonoma-Lake county line started pumping wastewater ...

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North Dakota finds new radioactive oil waste dump; company removes material from another site


By: KEVIN BURBACH , Associated Press BISMARCK, N.D. — North Dakota confirmed Thursday the discovery of a new radioactive dump of waste from oil drilling, and separately a company hired to clean up waste found in February at another location said it removed double the amount of radioactive material originally estimated to be there. The Canadian company hired to clean ...

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Oil-field waste regulators should be more proactive

oil fire

By Grand Forks Herald It took explosions, fires and deaths before federal and state regulators got grimly serious about the risks of transporting Bakken oil. Likewise, it took the discovery of mounds of dumped oil-field waste before North Dakota regulators made safe disposal a top priority. Now, here’s a suggestion for North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple and his regulatory officials: Don’t ...

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Amite County hesitates over landfill for oil waste


LIBERTY, Miss. (AP) — Amite County supervisors are hesitating over a plan to allow a landfill to bury oilfield waste and inject brine wastewater underground. Supervisor Max Lawson wants to amend the county solid waste plan for the landfill proposed in February. It also would include an oil recycling plant. However, the other four supervisors told The McComb Enterprise-Journal that they ...

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Ohio regulators link seismic activity to fracking

fault line

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — State regulators for the first time have linked earthquake activity in eastern Ohio to hydraulic fracturing, confirming the suspicions of activists pushing unsuccessfully for a drilling ban. State Oil & Gas Chief Rick Simmers told The Associated Press on Friday that the state has halted drilling indefinitely at the site near Youngstown where five minor tremors ...

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Petroleum geologist to present new evidence on human-induced earthquakes


A petroleum geologist who served on a committee studying how, when and where fluid injected underground can cause earthquakes will speak today on recent revelations about hydraulic fracturing and underground wastewater injections. Donald Clarke, a California-based petroleum geology consultant and professor at University of Southern California will deliver a talk titled, “Hydraulic Fracturing and Earthquakes: How Do We Move Forward ...

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What is NORM?


Naturally occurring radioactive material is present throughout the Earth’s crust and can be concentrated in the recovery of oil and gas. It’s also called technologically enhanced NORM, or TENORM. This material can be concentrated in oil production wastes such as sludge, drilling mud, used water filtration socks and pipe scale. It tends to be highest in water-handling equipment. Generally speaking, ...

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CFPUA – Area drinking water unaffected by coal ash spill

coal ash

Complications from Duke Energy’s massive coal ash spill and related wastewater dumping continue, but local drinking water supplies remain unaffected and are unlikely to be threatened, even if a similar spill were to occur closer to Wilmington, according to officials with the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority. “Several factors are in our favor — location, distance and preparedness,” said Mike ...

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Company will pipe treated wastewater for oil and gas production


By Corey Paul, Odessa American RDX Technologies Corporation officials plan to pipe treated wastewater from a facility in Odessa to oil leases, pursuing a water delivery method for oil and gas operations that the company’s CEO Dennis Danzik described as a first-of-its kind approach. Danzik, in a Monday conference call, would not say where the water treatment and energy technology ...

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