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Ineos to invest $1B in UK shale gas exploration

LONDON — Chemicals firm Ineos has announced plans to invest 640 million pounds ($1 billion) in shale gas exploration in Britain. The company is applying for more licenses to expand its operations in Scotland and in northern England. Chairman Jim Ratcliffe says he wants the company to become the biggest player in the industry in the country. He said Thursday ...

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Will the Saudis drive U.S. shale out of business?

Destination Saudi Arabia . Riyadh on the map shown by pin

LONDON, Nov 12 – There has always been a close link between U.S. oil production, international prices and OPEC, so it should come as no surprise that North America’s shale drillers find themselves locked in a battle with Saudi Arabia over prices and market share. Until the 1950s, the United States accounted for more than half of all global oil ...

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Ohio-based FirstEnergy sees promise in shales

Tony Alexander, president and CEO of Ohio-based FirstEnergy Corp., believes this year will stand out in the history of electricity markets. Lessons learned during the polar vortex, the economic rebound that’s slowly materializing in parts of FirstEnergy’s territory, and plans to restructure how electric capacity is secured will memorialize this time, he said. “We believe 2014 will be remembered as ...

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Pennsylvania townships wary of proposed shale gas tax

There are three basic themes to opposing a severance tax on Pennsylvania’s shale gas production, such as the one currently being proposed by gubernatorial hopeful Tom Wolf and vehemently opposed by incumbent Tom Corbett. There’s the burden on townships who stand to lose the impact fee they’ve been receiving for two years. There’s the possibility that landowners would have to ...

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Local bans on fracking up for vote in Utica Shale


In this fall’s midterm races, hydraulic fracturing enjoys political support from many conservatives and liberals. President Barack Obama often touts it as a reason for new found energy independence. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, a Republican, and Tom Wolf, his Democratic challenger, have generally disagreed only on how to tax it. Yet pockets of resistance to the extraction technique commonly known ...

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Energy quote of the day: ‘I didn’t expect a 25-year-old man to get beaten to death’

Trucks are parked near new homes rented by oil workers on July 28, 2013 in Williston, North Dakota. North Dakota has been experiencing an oil boom in recent years, due in part to new drilling techniques including hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. For a stark on-the-ground report from Williston, North Dakota – widely considered the hub of Bakken Shale oil ...

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Niobrara crude production trending upwards

The Niobrara shale in Colorado is producing crude at rates even higher than anticipated, according to a report by RBN Energy. Since January 2012, production from the Niobrara’s top two regions—the Denver Julesburg (DJ) and Powder River Basic (PRB)—is up 260 percent and is expected to double again by the end of 2019. According to the report, the DJ Basin ...

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Privately, Saudis tell oil market: get used to lower prices

LONDON/NEW YORK, Oct 12 – Saudi Arabia is quietly telling oil market participants that Riyadh is comfortable with markedly lower oil prices for an extended period, a sharp shift in policy that may be aimed at slowing the expansion of rival producers including those in the U.S. shale patch. Some OPEC members including Venezuela are clamoring for urgent production cuts ...

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Not all shale is created equal, and the same is true of water treatment

Not all shale is created equal. That means flowback — the watery mix filled with sediment, chemicals, metals and salt that returns to the surface after hydraulic fracturing — isn’t all the same, either. “Each shale will have different waste fluids,” said David Yoxtheimer, a hydrogeologist with Penn State University’s Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research. “Different shale will have ...

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