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Utica and Marcellus activity, August 23-29

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources might have approved 27 new oil and gas leases between August 23 and 29, but hundreds of oil and gas well owners throughout the state reportedly fell short of their responsibilities. This is the first year the DEP has required well owners to submit reports that indicate if a well is structurally sound or ...

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How sound are Pennsylvania’s oil and gas wells?

Hundreds of oil and gas well owners failed to submit required reports this year that are meant to document whether Pennsylvania’s active wells are structurally sound or showing signs of leaks and decay. The roughly 450 well owners who were sent violation notices for the missing reports by the Department of Environmental Protection represent a small fraction of the roughly ...

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Conventional gas, oil drillers seek rules differing from shale industry in Pennsylvania


A cookie cutter won’t work when it comes to writing safety and environmental rules for shallow, conventional oil and gas drilling and the newer deep, horizontal fracking in Pennsylvania shale, said Bruce Grindle, president of Oil & Gas Management Inc. Applying the same rules to both is like having a zoning officer hold a backyard tool shed to the same ...

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