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Oil pipeline protesters interrupt Minnesota water summit

Oil pipeline protesters interrupt Dayton's water summit

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton asked more than 800 people attending his inaugural Water Summit on Saturday to brainstorm ideas for solving Minnesota’s water quality challenges, but not before opponents of the proposed Sandpiper crude oil pipeline interrupted his remarks to urge him to play a greater role in scrutinizing the project. Just after Dayton took the ...

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Pollution-control employee investigated over seemingly biased e-mails on Sandpiper oil pipeline

Gov. Mark Dayton on Wednesday said state regulatory officials will investigate a pollution-control employee who sent at least two e-mails regarding the proposed Sandpiper oil pipeline that the governor called unprofessional. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is looking into actions by Scott Lucas, a pollution-control employee in its Brainerd office, who made seemingly critical statements in e-mails on the ...

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North Dakota and Minnesota face off over coal power in federal appeals court

The states of North Dakota and Minnesota on Wednesday took their legal battle over coal-generated electricity to a federal appeals court in St. Paul and faced tough questions from the three-judge panel. The case pits Minnesota regulators against the state of North Dakota and its utility and coal interests over a 2007 Minnesota law restricting new power generation from coal. ...

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Mortgages 101: taking the best route to your new home

Purchasing a home The time has come to buy a house. Cue the applause. It’s exciting news! All that hard work has paid off.  Though once the excitement dies down, nervousness might take its place.  For those who’ve never purchased a home before, the process can be especially intimidating. The mortgage industry isn’t known for easy to understand rules and ...

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Lt. Gov. Tina Smith’s high-profile role fuels speculation about her political future

BRAINERD — Near the end of a 90-minute talk with teachers and administrators here at Harrison Elementary, Lt. Gov. Tina Smith realized that the event to publicize the Dayton administration’s push for improved early learning was occurring right after the first day of kindergarten. “You must be so tired,” she said to the group gathered in a small gymnasium. Then ...

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Unlikely allies on energy, Minnesota and North Dakota are pushed to work together under the Clean Power plan

Minnesota and North Dakota may need to make nice over energy policy. The two states have been fighting in federal court for two years over Minnesota’s cross-border restrictions on coal-based electricity. Now, the federal government’s even-more-sweeping regulations to cut coal power plant greenhouse gas emissions are pushing states to work together. “Pretty clearly there are benefits to consumers and power ...

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Enbridge Energy seeks OK for replacement crude oil pipeline across northern Minnesota

Another proposed crude oil pipeline, along with another round of controversy, is coming to northern Minnesota. Pipeline operator Enbridge Energy on Friday asked state regulators for approval to build a $2.1 billion, 337-mile pipeline to replace a 1960s-era Line 3 pipeline. It carries crude oil from Canada to the Midwest, but has a history of ruptures. The Minnesota segment is ...

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State agencies analyze oil transportation in Minnesota

ST. PAUL — Everyone involved admits it remains an impossible task, but several members of an interagency team presented the most comprehensive report to date on oil pipelines in Minnesota to the state’s Environmental Quality Board on Wednesday. The 114-page report was built by more than 30 staff members from 11 different state government agencies. Aptly named “Interagency Report on ...

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Report due on oil pipeline effects in Minnesota

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota officials will learn more this week about the health, economic and environmental effects of pipelines carrying crude oil from North Dakota and Canada through Minnesota. A recent report prepared by several state agencies shows about 3.3 million barrels of crude oil cross Minnesota every day. About 80 percent of that oil is being transported by ...

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Dayton proposes spending $330 million to upgrade rail safety

Rail being layed in North Dakota

Gov. Mark Dayton, joined by officials from cities across the state, proposed Friday a $330 million 10-year spending plan to make railroads and grade crossings safer from passing oil trains. The proposal, which includes $33 million in new annual assessments on major railroads in Minnesota, is a response to more rail shipments, especially of crude oil from North Dakota. Up ...

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