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TransCanada says spill forces shut down of Keystone pipeline

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FREEMAN, S.D. (AP) — The Keystone pipeline will likely remain shut down for the rest of the week while officials investigate an apparent oil spill in southeastern South Dakota. Oil covered a 300-square-foot area in a farm field ditch 4 miles from a Freeman-area pump station, about 40 miles southwest of Sioux Falls. It was discovered Saturday. TransCanada hasn’t released ...

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Keystone XL developer ‘committed’ to completing project

LINCOLN, Neb. — The developer of the Keystone XL pipeline remains committed to completing the final leg of the project even though President Barack Obama denied the Canadian company’s request for a federal permit, a spokesman said Wednesday. TransCanada’s announcement came as the company withdrew its application for route approval through Nebraska. Even before Obama rejected the permit Nov. 6, ...

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Editorial: Keystone XL fight over, but look now to Canada for next possible pipeline

President Obama’s decision on Friday to reject the proposed Keystone XL pipeline reorients the oil spigot, from north-south to east-west. It’s the law of unintended consequences, and the ripple effect may be felt as far West as the Salish Sea. As The Seattle Times reports, oil from the Alberta tar sands is intended for maritime export, and two proposed Canadian ...

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Editorial: Line in the sands

At the end of the Obama administration’s speed-of-tar deliberations on the Keystone XL pipeline, even the president acknowledged that the project was not especially important to the environment or the economy. Which raises a question: Why on earth did he spend seven years considering it, let alone take the unprecedented step of smiting it by presidential fiat? The answer, of ...

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Obama points to blocking Keystone as top accomplishment

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is already citing the decision not to proceed with the Keystone XL pipeline as one of the key accomplishments of his presidency. Obama spoke to the group Organization for Action on Monday. He recounted the improving economy and job numbers and the higher number of people with health insurance coverage. Those are staples in his ...

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Editorial: President agenda is anti-shovel-ready

President Barack Obama campaigned on a promise of “shovel-ready” jobs. It was the modern “chicken in every pot” but never quite panned out. “Shovel-ready was not as, uh, as shovel-ready as we expected,” Obama quipped in 2011, conceding the pledge seemed beyond his grasp. Today, his platform can be described as anti-shovel-ready. The president took to a White House lectern ...

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With Keystone snub, Obama aims for more leverage on climate

WASHINGTON — For years, President Barack Obama chided Republicans and Democrats alike for treating the Keystone XL pipeline as a signal of whether the U.S. would seriously fight global warming. Now that he’s killed the project, Obama is holding it up as Exhibit A as he works to lock in his environmental legacy with a powerful international climate accord. Rejecting ...

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California oil industry laments rejection of key pipeline project

Kern County oil and gas companies, cut off by geography from any direct benefits of the Keystone Pipeline proposal, nevertheless joined the national petroleum industry Friday in expressing disappointment with President Barack Obama’s rejection of the politically fraught infrastructure project. Locally operating petroleum producers said the White House missed an opportunity to enhance national energy security and bolster the U.S. ...

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