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Dug by Jews, tunnel from Nazi era found in Lithuania

Nazi, Lithuania, Jews

JERUSALEM (AP) — In a Lithuanian forest, an international research team has pinpointed the location of a legendary tunnel that Jewish prisoners secretly dug out with spoons to try to escape their Nazi captors during World War II, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday. The tunnel, located in the Ponar forest, known today as Paneriai, outside of the Lithuanian capital ...

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Famous oil gushers around the world

Oil gushers are icons of early energy exploration. Once a common sight at the turn of the century, gushers have faded into history. Though they could be a spectacular sight, gushers were dangerous and wasteful. Uncapped wells produced large amounts of oil, often times shooting hundreds of feet into the air. One spark could ignite the oil, creating a column of ...

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A look at the Keystone pipeline’s long road to rejection

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s decision to reject TransCanada’s application to build the Keystone pipeline was seven years in the making. Since the company first proposed the 1,179-mile pipeline, the project has been studied, stalled, slammed and hyped — all amid intense political pressure from powerful interests on both sides of the debate. Here’s a look at the Keystone pipeline’s ...

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Natural gas, coal have defined Pittsburgh’s history


Anya Litvak | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette If the current tug and pull between coal and natural gas rings familiar, it’s because it was born in Pittsburgh and has defined the region’s energy scene more than any other force, according to Joel Tarr. “The most significant aspects of Pittsburgh’s energy history are those involving transitions between coal and natural gas,” Tarr, professor ...

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A Natural History of the Fayetteville Shale Play

By Zach Koppang | Shale Play Media As natural history will show, events happen in cycles. Weather, economics, regional conflict can each be identified by certain cycles. As technology continues to advance at an exponential rate, new industries are burgeoning, capitalizing on the cycles of the earth’s natural history and the resources that have been locked away in, for example, ...

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Forum editorial: Power line dispute a symptom

power lines

Forum Editorial The latest reporting on a proposed electric transmission line across a historic North Dakota battlefield suggests line advocates manipulated data regarding the historical significance of the site. An 1864 battle between American Indians and the U.S. Cavalry has been characterized as one of the most important clashes in the nation’s Indian wars. The Basin Electric line will cross ...

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