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New CNG station to enter welcoming market

Work on Greeley’s newest planned compressed natural gas fueling station is continuing, and it looks like a good time to do it. As officials across the state and county push for more alternative fuel usage, especially compressed natural gas, Ward Energy is adding its fourth CNG station in Weld County. It will be the largest CNG fueling station in the ...

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Rising rivers lead to minor flooding in Weld County; waters expected to recede

Weld County’s waterways crested their banks in several spots Wednesday, leading to minor flooding in Kersey and LaSalle. Waters also rose in Greeley, prompting some renewed street closures. Rivers were expected to subside today, according to the National Weather Service. According to the state Division of Water Resources website, river gauges at three main waterways in Weld were at or ...

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Editorial: Regulators handle Noble pollution well

Noble Energy

We applaud a recent settlement that means Noble Energy will pay one of the heftiest state fines ever for air quality violations. We like where the money will go most of all. Noble agreed to pay almost $5 million in fines and spend another $8.5 million on environmental mitigations. If you believe the Environmental Protection Agency, Noble agreed to spend ...

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GOP moves pro-fracking measure ahead of report

DENVER (AP) — Republicans in Colorado’s Senate advanced a pro-fracking measure Friday that makes a statement in advance of a long-awaited report on new limits on the oil and gas industry. The Senate bill would penalize local governments that limit drilling procedures, especially hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. When a government makes a mineral owner’s underground property less valuable, the government ...

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CSU: How does oil and gas production affect households?

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences recently awarded Colorado State University (CSU) a two-year grant of $275,000 to find out how oil and gas production affects residents’ day-to-day lives. According to a Denver Business Journal article, The Colorado School of Public Health at CSU will survey 1,400 households in Greeley and Fort Collins. “There isn’t a lot of research ...

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