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2014’s Booms, Bans and Busts no. 1: Production milestones and the move for energy independence

For the past couple of weeks, Shale Plays Media has been recapping the biggest topics of 2014. From carbon emissions regulations to exports, we’ve covered it all. But there’s one topic that’s missing, which brings us to our final story: The United States officially became the #1 oil producer on the globe in 2014. Energy independence has been a weighty ...

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Editorial: Energy security


There is a recurring theme that surfaces most every issue involving America’s oil and gas industry: Energy independence. It alternately can be discussed as energy security or increased domestic energy supply. The bottom line is to be less beholden to an insecure Middle East, where oil and gas supplies are high but so is instability. The approach makes sense. Which ...

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Are we on course for energy independence by 2025?

Long run lightning bolt soaring across the sky with oil well pump-jack and two communication towers with an American USA Flag background.

A recent Wood Mackenzie report is setting a date for American energy independence. Thanks to trends of high production and stabling demand, 2025 is expected to be the first year since 1952 that the U.S. will export more energy products than it imports. Rigzone.com reports: A country can achieve energy independence through two channels,” said James Brick, senior analyst with Wood ...

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Dominion CEO: Natural gas can change history


Shane Thielges | Shale Plays Media Thomas Farrell II, CEO of Dominion Resources, says Ohio’s natural gas can change the world. Speaking at the City Club of Cleveland today, Farrell said natural gas is primed to make America energy-independent in the near future and blasted renewable energy sources like solar and wind as “bit players”, the Akron Beacon Journal reports. ...

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Monterey estimate means little to energy independence

Zachary Toliver | Shale Plays Media “Fracktivist” may be celebrating the reduced estimations of shale oil and gas too soon. Although recently, the Monterey Shale in California was hacked at the knees by an EIA evaluation that cut the recoverable oil amount by 96 percent, our overall proven reserves just keep rising according to Reuters’ columnist Christopher Swann. “Sadly, for ...

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Flaring illuminates red-tape, points to growing national trend

By Zach Koppang | Shale Plays Media In a land speckled with oil rigs, light refracts through the shimmering flames of natural gas vents and shines through rolls of bureaucratic red-tape, revealing a growing energy trend. With the continued advancement of the natural gas industry and its continued venting into the atmosphere, private and commercial entities alike are refining the ...

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