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Relocating is on the agenda for Clean Earth Inc.


Clean Earth Inc., a company that processes drilling cuttings from the Marcellus Shale formation, is looking to relocate one of its processing centers. The processing company wants to reposition its Williamsport center to the heavy drilled county of Tioga.  To do so, Clean Earth is planning on using 400,000 tons of drilling cuttings, which consists of rocks and dirt that ...

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Ethane cracker site has been decided

FirstEnergy Generation President James Lash has announced the company’s R.E. Burger power plant site will be home to the Japanese ethane cracker if all goes well. While First Energy Corp. has publicly told reporters it has plans to sell the Burger power plant, Lash confirmed that the company is moving its machine shop at the Burger site to Canonsburg, Pennsylvania ...

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Marcellus permit activity in Pennsylvania

The Marcellus Shale formation in Pennsylvania saw quite a bit of action over the last week.  Yet, despite the on going activity, the number of jobs the gas industry supplies the state with has dropped drastically. It was like magic how quickly the state of Pennsylvania lost 160,000 jobs in the natural gas industry, but the credit for the trick ...

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NC argues fracking panel’s work valid

State environmental regulators are arguing that even if the commission that created North Carolina’s first fracking regulations is found to be unconstitutional the work it has done is still valid. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources makes that argument in a lawsuit brought against the state by an environmental group and a Lee County resident who lives next to ...

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Local activists say fracking poses threat to Fayette County’s water

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink. That’s what’s going on in the Lochgelly area of Fayette County, according to local activists. To warn the public about the danger to their water, a meeting took place Saturday at the Historic Oak Hill School in Oak Hill. “Water is being compromised by hydrofracking (hydraulic fracturing) waste being dumped into ...

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Celebrate National Drinking Water Week in Penn., or maybe not

glass of water

This week the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is celebrating National Drinking Water Week, which may not be something you want to join in on after recent news. Over the course of this week, the DEP is encouraging residents of Pennsylvania to “conserve water and make every drop count.”  However, after considering the recent news what is believed to ...

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Proposed rule on noise limits for oil, gas sites in Pa. pleases none

Gas industry leaders and fracking critics in Pennsylvania have found common ground in their views on one aspect of proposed environmental regulations for drilling: A rule aimed at limiting noise from sites is too vague to be effective. The state Department of Environmental Protection is proposing noise regulations for oil and gas sites as part of its rewrite of surface ...

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