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HB40’s final defeat on Denton fracking ban

The controversy surrounding Denton, Texas’ on-again-off-again fracking ban has been a unique ordeal, to say the least. The conflict over whether or not to allow the city to back hydraulic fracturing inspired a cabaret music troupe, prompted in the arrest of a blind 92-year-old woman and, unsurprisingly drew scorn from the rest of oil-rich state until House Bill 40 put ...

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Local ban nullified by state, fracking resumes in Denton


DENTON, Texas — A North Texas city whose fracking ban prompted lawmakers to limit such local power says a driller has revealed plans to resume fracking gas wells in the city. According to documents obtained through an open records request, the Denton Record-Chronicle (http://bit.ly/1IQ9kPl) reports Vantage Energy notified the city early Tuesday of its plans to begin fracking on Denton’s ...

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Governor Abbott to sign Denton fracking bill

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced this morning that he will sign into law a bill that reasserts the state’s control over oil and gas drilling and prohibits cities from banning hydraulic fracturing, giving them only limited control over the oil and gas process within their city limits. Abbott will sign the bill two days after he appeared at commencement services ...

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House Bill 40 leaves many up in arms

Texas House

House Bill 40, which limits Texas cities and their ability to regulate oil and gas development, was the main topic of discussion in Austin on Monday between state leaders and the Energy Resources Committee. In attendance were more than 100 people who signed up to testify against the bill, many of which were from Denton, Texas, a city which banned ...

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Texas and oil are having relationship issues


Oil and gas to Texans is like hot dish to Minnesotans, but now there are issues in the relationship between Texas and oil. On November 4 in Denton, Texas the ban over hydraulic fracturing will be in a referendum.  Oil producers are being challenged by a “grass-roots” campaign run by a home care nurse.  The oil producers are pushing the ...

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