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The Bakken is not special – analysis

Speaking at the annual North Dakota Petroleum Council meeting, Scott McNally dissected the Bakken’s potential in the global energy market and its ability to swing the market. The verdict? Despite being the number two producer in the U.S., the Bakken isn’t all that special. McNally, a graduate research assistant at Harvard University and fellow for the Center on Global Energy ...

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What would it take to free U.S. oil exports?

WASHINGTON – Lawmakers pushing to repeal the 1970s-era ban on U.S. oil exports face a steep obstacle: The Obama administration sees no need to fully remove the restriction while the country is still importing part of its oil supply. And many politicians are wary of a voter backlash if gasoline prices go up just as they open the door to ...

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Lifting U.S. crude export ban could boost production, cut gas prices: study

NEW YORK – Lifting U.S. crude export restrictions could boost domestic oil production and cut gasoline prices, according to a report issued Friday by Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy. The shale boom has flooded U.S. oil refiners with increased volumes of light sweet oil, which they are not generally configured to run. If rapid oil output growth continue ...

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Pennsylvania oil producers stung by low prices

Analysts have compared falling gasoline prices to a multibillion-dollar economic stimulus that will trickle down to all of us. But those lower gas prices — the product of oil prices that have fallen in just a few months from more than $100 a barrel to less than $75 — have oil producers taking notice in northwestern Pennsylvania. Gary Hovis, a ...

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