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Bill Gates in Paris to launch global clean energy fund

PARIS — Bill Gates and a powerful coalition of top Silicon Valley thinkers, leaders and philanthropists will announce on Monday two initiatives created to spend tens of billions of dollars in the next five years to develop clean energy technology in efforts to fight global warming. Along with the 10-campus University of California system — with its three national energy ...

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Editorial: Clean energy expanding, even in Kentucky

Despite declining oil prices, clean-energy investment rose worldwide last year by 16 percent to $310 billion. China led the way, reports Bloomberg Energy Finance, increasing its investment in low-carbon energy to $89.5 billion. Investment in clean energy reached $66 billion in Europe and $51.8 billion in the United States, the most here since 2012. Bloomberg reports that Japan is the ...

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Advanced Composite research to draw in millions for Colorado Universities

Colorado universities will receive up to $14 million over five years to research and develop uses for advanced composite materials, according to a Denver Business Journal article on Friday. The universities will be among 122 nonprofits, companies and universities comprising the newly announced Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI). Financed by $70 million in federal funds and more than ...

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Editorial: Will the world go for a carbon tax?


Charleston Gazette Editorial Next year could bring an international treaty that eventually would damage West Virginia’s coal industry, and the gas industry to lesser degree. The controversial 1997 Kyoto Protocol against air pollution will expire in 2020. To replace it, delegates are to meet in Paris to draft a worldwide agreement to combat damage from fossil fuels: coal, oil and ...

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Study: Keystone carbon pollution more than figured


By Seth Borenstien, AP Science Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — The much-debated Keystone XL pipeline could produce four times more global warming pollution than the State Department calculated earlier this year, a new study concludes. The U.S. estimates didn’t take into account that the added oil from the pipeline would drop prices by about $3 a barrel, spurring consumption that would ...

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Can we lower climate change by lowering population?


Shane Thielges | Shale Plays Media A New York Times article today tackles the problem of carbon emissions from a new angle: overpopulation. The fight against manmade climate change has thus far largely centered on energy efficiency and curbing emissions of ozone-depleting gas. The article argues that we overlook the human element in the equation: the fewer people there are, ...

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Gas interests silent at EPA carbon pollution hearings


Anya Litvak and Madeline R. Conway | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette An industry that has become ubiquitous on Pittsburgh’s energy scene — and one that might stand to benefit most from proposed carbon pollution standards — was conspicuously missing from two days of hearings and protests on the federal proposal. Natural gas companies and their trade groups sat out the Environmental Protection ...

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Carbon captured from power plants potential key to future oil production

Chuck Raasch | The St. Louis Post-Dispatch WASHINGTON — A new $1 billion Texas project to capture carbon dioxide from a coal-burning power plant and use it to extract hard-to-get oil out of existing wells may be a breakthrough that a coalition of energy, technological and environmental interests has been looking for. If successful, the project could have a long-term ...

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AEP profits rise in second quarter, but utility leery of new rules


Dan Gearino | Columbus Dispatch Proposed federal rules regulating carbon emissions are “not credible” and threaten to make the electricity system less reliable, according to American Electric Power’s top executive. The Columbus-based utility posted an increase in profit and sales for the second quarter but faces uncertainty as the states decide how to implement the pollution rules. “The current plan ...

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