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Middlesex fracking lawsuit in jeopardy, judge says

A Butler County judge said she would dismiss a lawsuit that a developer and 13 property owners filed against five fracking opponents and two environmental groups if they don’t amend it. The defendants were Middlesex residents who challenged the township’s zoning ordinances that allowed drilling in 90 percent of the township. Common Pleas Judge Marilyn Horan on Wednesday said the ...

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Landowners’ lawsuit could harpoon environmental activists’ Pa. campaign


A legal battle in Western Pennsylvania may set outside limits on the behaviors recognized as legitimate First Amendment protected speech and activities by environmental groups opposing the development of shale energy projects in the Marcellus Shale region. And according to a published legal analysis by Philadelphia law firm Blank Rome, discussed further below, the implications may reach far beyond the ...

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Rex Energy and ArcLight come to an agreement

Rex Energy Corporation (NASDAQ: REXX) and an affiliate of ArcLight Capital Partners LLC have announced the two have formed a joint venture agreement to develop natural gas wells. The two companies will work together to develop 32 specifically designed natural gas wells in Butler County. ArcLight will participate and fund 35 percent of the costs to design the wells.  The ...

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250 turn out for Middlesex hearing on challenge to ordinance allowing Rex Energy fracking

Hydraulic fracturing is saving farmland and preserving the rural character of Middlesex, proponents said during a public hearing Tuesday in Butler County on a challenge to a zoning ordinance that allows fracking. “There are family farms that were sold off because income levels weren’t enough,” said Scott Fodi, former manager of Middlesex who helped the township adopt the ordinance in ...

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Winfield Township supervisors delay vote on drilling ordinance

The Winfield Township supervisors have delayed voting on an ordinance regulating oil and gas exploration in the township until challenges to similar regulations in two other townships are resolved. Residents in Middlesex Township, Butler County and Allegheny Township have appealed zoning ordinances that allow Marcellus shale gas drilling in most areas of the communities. “We do not have any problems ...

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DEP orders XTO to stop earth moving at shale site in Butler County

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has ordered XTO Energy Inc. to cease and desist its earth moving work that the state said was never approved at a shale well drilling site in Butler County. “XTO’s failure to obtain proper authorization before commencing earth disturbance activities at the truck area portion of the Cratty Unit Project violated state regulation and ...

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Butler County firm Deep Well Services tackles tough gas wells

When Deep Well Services’ clients started talking about drilling higher-pressure gas wells with longer horizontal reach, they moved right into the Zelienople firm’s sweet spot. “The jobs with the longer laterals … that has to be done with a snubbing unit,” President Mark Marmo said of the unique equipment his company uses to complete shale wells. “For the higher pressure, ...

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Middlesex natural gas drilling hearings under way

The zoning hearing board in Middlesex, Butler County, began hearing evidence Tuesday in appeals to changes that allow natural gas drilling in most of the township. More than 150 people crowded into the township fire hall as attorney Jordan Yeager, representing two environmental groups and four residents, said that zoning cannot favor one or several property owners over the entire ...

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Rex Energy puts Marcellus shale drilling site work in Middlesex on hold during appeals

Rex Energy has suspended development of a controversial Marcellus shale drilling site in Middlesex, Butler County, until appeals are settled, according to a letter sent to several people who live in the area. “At this time, the duration of the delay in operations is not known,” said the letter from Mary Ann Fox, vice president of land development for State ...

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Acid mine drainage: Could it be used for fracking?

pump jacks

CLINTON TOWNSHIP — From the road, it looks like any other waste water treatment plant tucked into a remote hillside in southeastern Butler County. But a closer look reveals it’s bringing in not sewage but bright-orange groundwater from an abandoned coal mine nearby. With fracking as an impetus, it could be the next step in solving one of the state’s ...

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