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Scientists: Drop Arctic from plans for offshore drilling

offshore drilling, Arctic

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Nearly 400 scientists have signed a letter urging President Obama to eliminate the possibility of Arctic offshore drilling in the near future by taking the Arctic Ocean out of the next federal offshore lease sale plan. The scientists include Jane Lubchenco, Obama’s former administrator of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, now a researcher and teacher ...

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Shell pulls the plug on Arctic exploration

LONDON, Sept 28 (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell has abandoned its Arctic search for oil after failing to find enough crude in a move that will appease environmental campaigners and shareholders who said its project was too expensive and risky. The withdrawal came six weeks after the final U.S. clearance and three months after Shell was still defending the project, ...

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Is fracking still cost effective?

The declining price of oil, which has dropped more than 25 percent since June, is great for consumers, but is making some methods of production less profitable, according to a recent report by National Public Radio. The drilling boom in the United States is a result of improved technology that allows for the development of unconventional shale formations. On the ...

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Despite oil price panic, experts remain optimistic

oil and money

Bloomberg reported today that although oil prices are falling, the market will not collapse anytime soon. Financial analysts predict that the current slowdown in growth will not last forever.  This is because global consumption itself is slated to increase to 99 million barrels a day in 2019, up from 92.8 million this year. In the future, oil consumption should grow ...

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Statoil comes up dry at Arctic wells

Karl Ritter | The Associated Press STOCKHOLM — Norway’s Statoil ASA has found no commercial quantities of oil and gas at the northernmost wells it has ever drilled in the Arctic, the government-controlled company said Thursday. Statoil drilled three exploration wells this summer in the Hoop area of the Barents Sea. Two of them were the northernmost wells ever drilled ...

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Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise departs Russia

MOSCOW (AP) — The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise departed for the Netherlands on Friday nearly a year after Russian authorities seized it during a protest against an oil platform, the Amsterdam-based environmental group said. The Arctic Sunrise left the northern Russian port city of Murmansk and was headed to Amsterdam, Greenpeace International said. The ship was seized by Russian authorities ...

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Norway tows Greenpeace ship out of Arctic oil rig zone

(Reuters) – Norway’s Coast Guard on Friday evening towed away a Greenpeace ship that tried to block Statoil’s rig from drilling the world’s most northerly oil well in the Barents Sea, the environment group said. Oil drillers in Norway are moving further north as mature fields in the south are depleted and as the Arctic ice retreats, opening new areas that were previously unaccessible. ...

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Greenpeace sails out to confront Russian tanker

Mikhail Ulianov

AMSTERDAM (AP) — Greenpeace International says it is sending a ship out to protest the arrival of a tanker that is bringing the first oil produced at a new Russian offshore platform in the Arctic circle to Rotterdam. The environmental group said Monday it has sent the “Rainbow Warrior III” to meet the Russian-flagged Mikhail Ulyanov. Greenpeace spokesman Arin de ...

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