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Oil trains put local emergency officials on alert

“Fire service agencies across Washington State report a lack of available fire suppressant foam trucks and trailers and support equipment such as high capacity/volume pump capability, air monitoring equipment (carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and benzene), oil spill response equipment and training to respond safely and effectively in the event of a crude oil derailment and fire.” “There is a need ...

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Like opening a soda can: Local firefighters attend crude by rail emergency response training

WILLMAR — Railroad disasters involving Bakken crude oil are much like opening a can of highly carbonated soda, but instead involve dangerous, explosive materials. Even large quantities of water and foam sometimes are not enough to stop fires on train cars carrying the highly flammable oil, Bird Island Assistant Fire Chief Dave Woelfel said. Woelfel learned how to combat these ...

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USGS: Colorado 100 times more prone to severe earthquakes

A recent report from U.S. Geological Survey looks to oil and gas wastewater injection as the source of heightened seismic activity throughout 17 states, including Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico. According to the Denver Business Journal, the USGS evaluated records of earthquake data from 2000 to 2009, ultimately estimating that earthquakes with a magnitude of three are 100 times more ...

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Colorado Springs citizens give Utilities an earful about climate change

green energy

The meaning of Earth Day wasn’t lost on Colorado Springs Utilities board members Wednesday, as more than two dozen citizens urged them to consider more renewable energy sources and to heed escalating climate change. The two-hour parade of speakers seemed to touch on every conceivable benefit of clean energy, from promoting peace and increasing national security — by deterring wars ...

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Fracking waste puts public at risk, study says


Weakness in state regulations governing hazardous oil-and-gas waste have allowed the leftovers to be disposed of with little regard to the dangers they pose to human health and the environment, according to a recent study by the environmental organization Earthworks. The report says states disregard the risks because of a decades-old federal regulation that allows oil-and-gas waste to be handled ...

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Oklahoma scientists say earthquakes linked to oil and gas work

Oklahoma geologists have documented strong links between increased seismic activity in the state and the injection into the ground of wastewater from oil and gas production, a state agency said on Tuesday. Oklahoma is recording 2-1/2 earthquakes daily of a magnitude 3 or greater, a seismicity rate 600 times greater than observed before 2008, the report by the Oklahoma Geological ...

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DEP wants ‘significant’ Sunoco fine for drilling mud spills

FINLEYVILLE, Pa. — The state Department of Environmental Protection is negotiating a “significant” fine with Sunoco Pipeline for thousands of gallons of drilling clay that a subcontractor spilled into several western Pennsylvania creeks. A spokesman for Philadelphia-based Sunoco isn’t commenting on comments DEP spokesman John Poister made to the (Washington) Observer-Reporter. Poister says DEP officials are seeking the fine for ...

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