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How will the drop in oil prices affect ND’s budget?

oil rig

Last month oil prices unexpectedly dropped from around $90 per barrel to $70 per barrel. Oil companies and market experts have been restructuring their businesses and figuring out where to go after the recent panic in the market. Tu-Uyen Tran of Forum News Services reported Saturday that the Office Management and Budget’s advisory committee concluded last summer that oil prices would be ...

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Oil and gas transport crucial to energy independence

Being able to transport oil and gas produced in North America is a crucial issue that needs to be addressed if the promise of an energy independent future is to be realized, according to discussions at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, as reported by the Oil and Gas Journal. Oil and gas production in the Western Hemisphere has ...

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10 reasons why one oil and gas conference is different than all the rest

dick cheney

Dick Cheney’s voice rings through the air in a packed exposition center in Billings Montana, while the captivated audience of professional men and women look onward. They know they are a part of something big. Drilling activities have exploded across the United States and a modern day gold rush has begun. Vice President Cheney expands upon the need for strong ...

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Construction begins on Williston High School


After several years of part of its student body using portable classrooms due to a massive increase of enrollment, the new Williston High School broke ground on Wednesday. The project was approved for a $34 million bond in June, securing the $57 million high school’s construction. It is expected to be completed by the fall of 2016. Along with everything ...

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Is fracking still cost effective?

The declining price of oil, which has dropped more than 25 percent since June, is great for consumers, but is making some methods of production less profitable, according to a recent report by National Public Radio. The drilling boom in the United States is a result of improved technology that allows for the development of unconventional shale formations. On the ...

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A pipe-line dream no more?


So you want to build a pipeline, you say? Well, for starters, check out this photo that the National Energy Board (NEB) tweeted out last week showing TransCanada’s submitted application. (insert photo). Still want to build a pipeline? That photo shows 11 boxes consisting of 68 binders and 30,000 pages of documents all pertaining to TransCanada’s Energy East Pipeline proposal, ...

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