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Waste management industry set to grow

grow pig

A recent report released by MarketsandMarkets forecasts what level of growth the drilling waste management industry will be seeing in the coming years. According to the report, “Drilling Waste Management Market by Services,” the industry is set to grow from $5.3 billion in 2014 to $8.5 billion by 2019 with an approximate compound annual growth rate of 11%. This growth ...

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Time for oil boom critics to give some credit on flaring


To hear some environmental activists and political partisans tell it North Dakota’s oil boom is an ecological disaster. “We’re destroying western North Dakota,” they chorus. Most recently they’ve been pointing to a (deeply flawed) series of stories by the New York Times which suggest a cozy relationship between the oil industry and state regulators has resulted in spiking oil spills ...

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Top 5 Bakken stories of the week


5. ND proposes changes in oilfield waste rules Oil companies may be allowed to dispose of radioactive oilfield waste at some North Dakota landfills instead of hauling it out of state under new rules proposed by the state Health Department. State regulators said the proposed rules that were publicly announced Friday will help track oilfield waste and come in response ...

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North Dakota crude production declines

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Crude output during the month of October fell by 4,056 barrels per day. This fall in production is the first decline since November of 2013. There are a number of causes for this decrease in numbers. The flaring mandate recently passed in the state requires drillers to capture a certain percentage of the methane byproduct. In order to comply with ...

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Will Louisiana’s plan to stay afloat be worth it?

Approximately a football field-sized piece of Louisiana land is reclaimed by the Gulf of Mexico every 38 minutes, resulting in the loss of up to 35 square miles of wetlands each year. Some even argue that the state should redraw its map to account for the drastic changes in the state’s landscape. And while Louisiana has a long-term plan to ...

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Oil prices strike Mexican energy reform


With oil prices below $60 per barrel, the U.S. isn’t the only country affected by them.  Mexico’s energy reform process can expect to take a hit or two, too. The Houston Managing Director of Korn Ferry, Bruce Peterson, says he expects private investment into Mexico to slow down as the nation opens up to private energy exploration.  This will be ...

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1,000 jobs disappear


The Houston-based company, Halliburton Co., is planning an immediate cut of 1,000 jobs in the Eastern Hemisphere. According to Halliburton, the job cuts are unrelated to the company’s pending $35 billion purchase of Baker Hughes Inc., and it does not seem that any cuts will be made due to the transaction. Halliburton spokeswoman Emily Mir commented on the job cuts ...

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Crime drama about the Bakken coming to Starz


Starz announced today that it is currently developing a crime drama based around a Dakota boomtown that ‘revolves around oil drilling and fracking.’ The show is going to be called Black Gold and is being described as a ‘modern day western.’ James Ponsoldt will direct the series. Ponsoldt is credited for directing films such as Spectacular Now and Smashed. He ...

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800 barrels of saltwater spill outside of Ray

rocks that may or may not be wet

The North Dakota Oil and Gas Division reported yesterday that there was a contained release ten miles southeast of Ray.  A failed valve is the cause of the release of 800 barrels, or around 24,436 gallons of saltwater.  The incident occurred at the Beaver Lodge Devonian Unit F308-D. The well is owned by Hess Bakken Investments II, LLC.  A state inspector ...

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Fracking scorecard reveals oil and gas companies fail universally in disclosing risks to investors and communities

On Thursday, a coalition of leading investment advisory firms and advocacy organizations issued a report scoring 30 major oil and gas companies operating across the United States on their disclosure transparency around the risks associated with hydraulic fracturing operations. “Disclosing the Facts 2014: Transparency and Risk in Hydraulic Fracturing Operations” was released by the group known as the Sustainable Investing ...

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