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Noonan mayor angry over situation with radioactive filter socks

By The Associated Press

Noonan Mayor Cyndie Fagerbakke said she and most other residents in town are “disgusted” with whoever dumped the radioactive waste in an old gas station, which sits derelict about a block from downtown.

“This is blatant disregard of the health and welfare of our community,” she said. “It’s criminal and the people responsible should be punished very, very stringently.”

Fagerbakke said the old auto garage has changed hands many times over the years.

She called the state’s lack of oversight of oil field waste “ludicrous.”

“I’m not at all happy about how the state regulates these radioactive filter socks,” said Fagerbakke, a farmer. “Why isn’t the state more on top of this and why don’t they have a more stringent plan for getting rid of this stuff?”

The North Dakota Department of Health, in response to the growing number of illegally tossed filter socks, announced last week that new rules are being written to track oil field waste. A draft of the new rules is slated for public review in June.

That’s little salve for residents in Noonan, who only have been instructed to stay away from the radioactive site on the edge of town, Fagerbakke said. No one has been told when the site will be cleaned up or who will handle it, she said.

“This is a risk to the city, but the state says it’s somebody else’s problem,” the mayor said.

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