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Cirrus 1
Lew Amicone COO, Mike Marcil CEO stand infront of the aircraft.

Cirrus Aircraft Takes Bakken.com on a Demonstration Flight

Bakken.com would like to thank Cirrus Aircraft for taking our CEO and COO on a demonstration on Thursday!


Gary Black, Regional Sales Manager of Cirrus Aircraft pilots Bakken.com demonstration.


Cirrus Aircraft

Cirrus Aircraft is one of the Emerging Technologies in Energy Production being covered by Bakken.com. Cirrus is a small airplane manufacturing company based out of Duluth, MN and Grand Forks, ND. They have 30 years of experience. Cirrus produces aircrafts known for their safety, comfort, and efficiency. They are making an effort to try to make energy professionals’ lives easier with shorter hours. With an attempt in cutting travel hours down by using their aircraft for site-to-site travel, rather than long driving trips.  

Their planes can be used for a number of oil related tasks including: oil spills, leaks, part delivery, geologist transportation, pipeline creation, or airborne inspection.

Each plane has a 50 ft in diameter parachute attached to the entire plane, not just its individual members for improved flight safety. Cirrus’s innovative ideas could change work hours for a portion of workers’ travel, allowing more time with their families, as well as make many professions and activities more efficient.

Feel free to contact Cirrus for any products or services you may need at their website.

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  1. Is this an indication that a few more jobs will open up and this company will be hiring some pilots?

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