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Chevron sends Pizza Vouchers

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On Tuesday, February 11 a gas well owned by Chevron Corp. exploded in the small rural community of Bobtown in the Dunkart Township of Pennsylvania. The explosion was so large that many people in the area of the township felt the explosion happen and thought that it was in their own homes. The flames that shot out of the gas well were so incredibly hot they caused a close-by propane tank truck to explode next to the well-site.  The fire continued to burn for five days. One person was injured, and another is currently missing and presumed dead.  The company immediately initiated emergency response teams, in an attempt to insure the safety of the workers as well as the well site. However, first responders had to stand back in order to avoid imminent injury themselves. Tanks of water sent from Chevron are currently on standby next to the well-site in case of another fire.

This week, Chevron is trying to give back to the residents nearby the explosion by sending them a free pizza and 2 liter gift certificate along with an apology letter in the mail. According to Philly.com the pizza parlor has confirmed that Chevron has purchased around 100 $12 gift certificates from them, along with a note assuring them that they “…recognize the effect that this has had on the community and will continue to strive to achieve incident-free operations”.

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Kent Robertson, the public affairs officer for Chevron said, in a statement to Newsweek “Our commitment to the community goes far beyond this and our outreach is ongoing.”

Many of the residents view this gesture as a blatant act of discouragement, as many have not heard from the company since receiving the note.  Other residents are happy to have received the pizza coupon, and remain steadfast in that the natural gas industry in the area is a good thing.

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  1. Neighbors they care about? Outside of a ridiculous pizza gesture… Its only 100 certificates but they couldn’t write the actual residents or familys name on the certificates that they care so much about?

    As far as community outreach; thats a corporations way of saying. We want to know what people are saying so PR and the legal team can be pre-emtive in covering it up or saving face.

    Doesn’t hurt to also say its an attempt to help the community, despite polluting land, water, killing and mutating animals to come, and giving cancer to people. America what day did it all go so wrong?

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