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Letter: More sad stories from oil country

By: George Magnus Johnson, Fargo

The Forum is to be heartily commended for printing pungent, right-on opinion pieces from Darrell Dorgan and Tony Bender (Jan. 12). The Forum also recently had the sad stories of long-time residents of the Oil Patch area who couldn’t stand the social and environmental degradation anymore and are fleeing to other parts of the state.

Here is a personal Oil Patch experience from a year ago last September. We went back to our old excellent grouse hunting area seven miles southwest of Newtown. There were three oil wells, all flaring natural gas, of course. The grouse were almost gone. We saw six in two days of hard hunting. No shots near the formerly remote ranch where we had hunted before. There was a big sign that said “no water trucks.” But there were two big water trucks (jovial drivers who had essentially drained a large pond formerly full of migrating ducks).

So be it – full speed ahead, continued lack of reasonable regulation plus insensitive comments by Chambers of Commerce and unknowing or uncaring governor and legislators.

In greed we believe.

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