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Montana – Dakota Utilities Co. promotes Natural Gas use for Homes Space Heating needs

(Press Release) Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. promotes Natural Gas use for Homes Space Heating needs Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. is promoting and extending natural gas service to many new housing developments in the area. Although Montana-Dakota is an electric and natural gas service provider, they are promoting natural gas for new housing in the area to help keep housing affordable for the long-term. The winter heating season can be
long and very cold, and natural gas is the most economical way to keep homes warm and to heat water. A typical home owner can save more than $700 per year using natural gas for space heating and water heating
compared to electricity. That is why natural gas is the right choice. Montana-Dakota is committed to providing affordable natural gas service and supporting the growth in housing development. Installing a high-
efficiency natural gas furnace and water heater may cost more upfront than electric resistance, but the savings over time using natural gas more than make up the difference.
Ben Zachmeier, the Williston District Manager for Montana-Dakota and Ken Callahan, Montana-Dakota’s Energy Services Manager have been working with housing developers and builders throughout the area in order to extend natural gas service to new housing developments. “Building affordable housing for the long-term should not only consider upfront costs but should also take into account the operating costs of the home. Natural gas is clean and efficient and will lower the cost of homeownership,” Zachmeier said.
Montana-Dakota is committed to expanding natural gas service to the expanding areas of the cities it serves in western North Dakota. To help promote the efficient and affordable use of natural gas, Montana-
Dakota has launched an advertising campaign to educate homeowners about the affordability of natural gas for their home’s heating and water heating needs. Another exciting program Montana- Dakota has launched is a developer sign partnership program. Through this program, Montana-Dakota will assist developers, who have natural gas service extended to their housing development, with marketing their property. Montana-Dakota will provide 8-foot by 4-foot sign to these developers that will advertise their property as well as the fact that the development is served with affordable natural gas from Montana-Dakota.
“We will provide a full service turn-key program to developers,” Callahan said.
“Montana-Dakota will provide the sign free of charge as well as provide installation of the sign. We are very excited to launch this program for developers in the area and feel it will be a very successful partnership.” The sign pictured below is an example of what will be available to developers.
“We continue to educate and work with new developers arriving in northwest North Dakota. Contractor/builder meetings have been part of this education,” Callahan said.
Montana-Dakota’s goal is to help the expanding cities to have long-term affordable housing for their residents. The answer to help with that affordable housing is having natural gas available to these homes. Natural gas is clean, reliable and affordable. Natural gas is the right choice. For more information, check out Montana-Dakota’s website at:
or contact Ken Callahan at (701) 572-1620
or ken.Callahan@mdu.com


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