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Crosby city resources under close watch


Crosby sewage lagoon and city landfill will be reserved for city’s needs

By John D. Taylor

Mayor Les Bakken told Crosby’s city council last week  he’s tired of the town getting dumped on by people using both the city sewage lagoon and the city landfill for their own unauthorized use.
Bakken recommended the city stop “taking anything from anyone,” and that “we keep the lagoon for ourselves.”

“The city is expanding a lot and we will have new needs, especially when they start up at South Ridge (Acres). We should stop accepting stuff. We’re not making any money doing it, and they can go other places.”

Bakken said several individuals, including some “man camps” and “people from the East” had used the lagoon without the city’s permission.

“There’s no way to know what’s going into the lagoon,” he said. “We assume it’s human waste, but if something gets stuck, we have no way to deal with it.”

Bakken said the lagoon is in the process of being expanded to deal with growth in the city, not outside waste.

“No one should use this but us,” Bakken said. “It was built for Crosby, and it should stay that way.”
Bakken said there’s a similar issue at the city’s landfill.

He said a contractor was found dumping waste on the city’s site, and that people from Fortuna, Ambrose and “the country” were using the site without permission.

“We gotta keep this closed,” Bakken said. “There’s crap all over the place, we gotta get this under control.”
Bakken said too many keys are out in the community, allowing people to dump at will. He said only the city’s street and water departments and two other individuals should have keys to open the solid waste facility.

Councilman Brad Sparks said accepting outside waste doesn’t pay anything and agreed with Bakken. Councilman Troy Vassen also agreed.

“We can’t control it,” Vassen said. “But we should give our customers the courtesy of a notice before we close it to them.”

Councilman Wayne Benter suggested a one month notice to customers.

Council members agreed to give notice that as of the end of November, outside access to the sewage lagoon will be shut down.

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