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Flood funds approved for Minot and North Dakota

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Minot and the state of North Dakota has been given the blessing to spend over $23 million dollars from the federal government in flood recovery grant funds.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development gave the city the green light to spend 57% of a previously announced $35 million grant award.

The city of Minot has faced extreme hardships since the 2011 flood of the Souris River due in part contributions of heavy winter snowfall and rain. The flood brought the 4th largest city in North Dakota to its knees by damaging or destroying more than 4,000 structures, businesses and homes

The city plans on using the funds for re-coup properties through buyouts, infrastructure repairs and to help local homeowners with repair costs.

North Dakota also gained permission to spend a portion of a $6.6 million dollar federal grant in which the proposed project is to provide a housing developer $3.2 million dollars that will be dedicated towards housing that meets low and moderate income criterion needs.

“This approval is a big step,” North Dakota’s congressional delegation statement. “It will enable Minot to continue their work of rebuilding the city better than ever. They can now implement recovery strategies they’ve worked long and thoughtfully on to restore and rebuild the housing, infrastructure and businesses that were severely impacted by the 2011 flood.”

Federal approval for the flood recovery grant funds was delayed by the 16-day government shutdown last month.

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