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North Dakota housing
North Dakota housing is on a roll due to the Bakken. ND is seeing some of the fastest housing growth in the nation

ND tops nation in taps, housing rate

If one were to adopt power rankings for each state, North Dakota would be in pole position.

Leading the nation in several categories, the state already has the lowest unemployment rate, is second in oil production and tops all other states in economic growth.

Last week two more honors were bestowed upon the Peace Garden State, which now leads the nation in housing development and beer shipments per capita.

Outpacing other states in beer shipments makes sense after North Dakota was judged to have the most bars per capita in the country.

The recent analysis by the Beer Institute out of Washington, D.C. showed that 46 gallons of beer were shipped to the state for every person that can legally drink.

The Associated Press estimated that to be about 82 six-packs a person.

“They wouldn’t ship this much if there wasn’t the consumption,” said the Beer Institute study.

According to analysis done by The Forum Newspaper, there is one bar for every 1,620 North Dakotans and one liquor store for every 1,937, which ranked sixth nationally.

Further studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2010 showed North Dakotans binge drink more often, and in greater quantities, than almost all Americans.

In the Beer Institute study, New Hampshire (44 gallons), Montana (41 gallons) and South Dakota (39 gallons) trailed North Dakota.

Development rate through the roof

While mired in a housing crisis the numbers show the oil patch is doing its best to catch up.

U.S. Census Bureau data ranked four North Dakota counties in the top 10 in its housing development rates.

Williams County showed the largest percent increase at 13.9 percent, an increase of 1,525 housing units last year. Percentage-wise, the county grew more than three times the No. 2 county of list, Ward County, which saw a 4.8 percent increase of 1,318 units.

“We added more than 7,000 net housing units across the state last year and we will continue to work with local governments and the private sector to address our growing state’s current and future housing needs,” said Gov. Jack Dalrymple. “The state is using several programs to facilitate the development of housing and our progress is proof that our strategies are working.”

Stark and Morton rounded out the top 10 representation for the list, falling at No. 8 and No. 9 respectably. Stark’s rate grew 3.1 percent with 344 units, while Morton finished at 3 percent with 370 new units.

In all North Dakota added 7,388 housing units last year at a nationwide best rate of 2.3 percent. The national average was just 0.3 percent.

Four other counties cracked the top 100 rankings with Burleigh (17), Cass (23), Grand Forks (58) and Ramsey (100).

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