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The Baker Hughes rig count for November 17, 2017 showed a total increase of 8 rigs, all exploring for natural gas. Photo: Ralph Kelley.

Texas rig count ramp up continues

This week’s Baker Hughes North America Rotary Rig Count showed another week of increases in Texas, with an addition of 11 new rigs exploring for oil and gas.

The U.S. total rigs is now 870, up 13 from last week. Nine of those rigs are exploring for oil, while 4 are searching for gas.

The Gulf of Mexico lost 3 rigs. New Mexico also lost 3.  Wyoming gained 1 new rig, and Oklahoma showed an increase of 3. Texas, however, gained the majority of the new rigs, adding 13 to its number. Texas now boasts a total of 437 total rigs exploring for oil and gas.

By basin, the Cana Woodford gained 4 rigs, the Eagle four increased by 5, the Haynesville saw 1 addition, and the Permian basin was up 2. No other basins gained nor lost any rigs.


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