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power generation, natural gas vs diesel
Which generator? Natural gas or diesel? LTR's new calculator can help you figure out which is best fit for the application.

Calculate Your Savings: Natural Gas vs. Diesel

The old cliché “Time is Money” is still relevant in today’s oilfield operations. When your rig is down, you’re losing money with every passing minute.

That’s why LTR helps you assess your energy needs and provide a strategic plan to help you decide which generators will best help you optimize your operations. Chad Wolf, LTR’s Product Manager for Natural Gas Generators, advises customers to assess their energy needs by asking several questions, such as which items will be powered, will the loads start at the same time or be staggered, or are any of the items you’re powering be used only seasonally?

Once you’ve assessed your energy needs, LTR can help you decide the power generation mix that best suits your applications.

In a recent case study, LTR helped one operator save $68,000 per month and eliminate 18 generators from its current power generator mix. Now, it’s your turn to save. Download LTR’s Generator Cost Comparison Calculator to find out how you can save!

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