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This undated photo, courtesy of the North Dakota Petroleum Council, shows a 'walking' rig near Killdeer.
This undated photo, courtesy of the North Dakota Petroleum Council, shows a 'walking' rig near Killdeer.

Agenda set for NDPC 2016 Annual Meeting and free Bakken 2.0 seminar

Registration for the 2016 North Dakota Petroleum Council Annual Meeting is now open. The meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn Riverside in Minot, North Dakota. The council has a jam-packed agenda, so be sure to register to participate in all the sessions. You can register now here. 

The agenda is set and registration is open for the North Dakota Petroleum Council’s (NDPC) 35th Annual Meeting to be held in Minot, N.D., on Sept. 19-21, 2016. Industry leaders and decision-makers in the Bakken will convene to present the latest in oil and gas recovery and transportation, technological advancements and efficiencies, and the outlook for production in 2017 and beyond.

The meeting’s luncheon keynote speaker on Tuesday afternoon will be Jack Stark, President and COO for Continental Resources. Continental Resources is a leading Bakken producer and one of the companies that pioneered oil development in the Bakken shale formation. Stark, who has been with Continental for nearly 25 years and a key player in Bakken development, will discuss the Bakken’s past, present and future.

Among the technologies that will help take the Bakken to the next level is restimulation – or “refracs” – of early wells. Although the hydraulic fracturing technology was state-of-the-art when Bakken development began a decade ago, techniques and engineering have significantly advanced in recent years. Charles Olson of Whiting Petroleum will discuss his company’s experience with Bakken refracs and how the technology presents operators a tremendous opportunity to add new production in more than 8,000 existing Bakken-Three Forks wells.

“Every downturn in commodity prices presents challenges, but it also breeds opportunity,” says Ron Ness, president of the NDPC. “Refracs are just one of the newest ways that companies are becoming more efficient and taking production to the next level without adding any additional footprint to the landscape.”

In addition to technical topics, this year’s meeting will also focus on the role individuals can play in building a positive business environment for responsible oil and gas development. Part of that involves taking action, and Pete Hegseth, a war veteran, FOX News Correspondent, and author of the book In the Arena, will be on hand to inspire attendees. Hegseth will channel North Dakota’s favorite son President Theodore Roosevelt and his “Man in the Arena” quote to make a case for turning America’s highest ideals into action to face the nation’s greatest challenges.

Echoing the importance of involvement will be Andrew Browning with the Consumer Energy Alliance, an organization dedicated to bringing together energy consumers, producers and manufacturers to engage in a meaningful dialogue about America’s energy future. Browning will discuss the importance of this year’s elections and how industry employees can get involved in the Campaign for America’s Energy to ensure safe, affordable and dependable energy for a strong economy, growing businesses and solid job growth.

Other speakers will focus on transportation and regulatory issues, and the NDPC will also recognize three leaders for their service to the public and industry.

A free public information session will also be held in conjunction with the NDPC Annual Meeting on Monday, September 19 at the Holiday Inn Riverside. The session’s theme, “Bakken 2.0” will focus on the industry’s next phase and ways in which businesses and entrepreneurs in Minot have and will continue to be involved in the opportunities provided by oil and gas development.

The NDPC Annual Meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn Riverside. Registration is $250 for NDPC members and government employees and $500 for nonmembers, and various sponsorships are still available. For registration and more information about the meeting, visit https://annualmeeting.risprojects.org/Default.aspx.

Bakken 2.0

In conjunction with the annual meeting, the Bakken Backers will host Bakken 2.0, a free seminar exploring the next phase of the Bakken. Bakken 2.0 is held Monday, September 19 in the Exhibition Room of the Holiday Inn Riverside, the afternoon before the opening of the NDPC meeting. Below is the meeting agenda.


3:00 Welcome & Talk: It’s not the 80’s anymore

North Dakota’s position in the oil and gas industry is very different than in previous booms. Learn from Kathy how the Bakken is positioned to succeed through the boom and bust for decades to come.

Kathy Neset, Geologist & President of Neset Consulting Service

3:20 Talk: JOBS by the Numbers

How the industry created jobs since 2005 and the latest predictions for future growth with a special emphasis on job counts per western community.

Rob Lindberg, Director of Bakken Backers

3:40 Panel: Making Minot Home

A panel discussion on why two multi-national companies choose to make Minot their home for their Bakken-related investments.

Steve McNally, General Manager, Hess
Robert Steede, Senior Director of North Dakota Region Operations, Enbridge

4:05 Short talks: Creating it in Minot

Short, seven-minute presentations from young leaders in the industry about their choice to create companies and a sense of community in Minot.

Kent Kirkhammer, Founder of Newkota

Becky Lies, Co-Executive Director & Membership Chair, Young Professionals in Energy – Minot Chapter

Kevin Black, Founder of Creedence Energy

4:35 Panel: Holding on Tight

Two industry veterans will discuss getting through the tough times and having the financial and mental wherewithal to survive and succeed on the other end.

Discussion hosted by Kathy Neset.

You can register for Bakken 2.0 today by clicking here. 


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