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Top 5 Marcellus stories of the week June 27 – July 3

While the economy settles after Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, oil prices and the economy aren’t the only things on the minds of readers in the Marcellus shale area. News from the coal industry, still an important facet of Appalachian life, engaged readers this week. Plus…scandal! While news regarding fraud charges against Breitling Energy’s CEO, Chris Faulkner, got everyone’s attention, it was Karenna Gore that got the most commentary from the Northeast.

Read below to find out which stories interested Marcellus.com readers most this week:

5. Pollution from power plants has been a topic in the news quite often recently, and often those power plants are coal-powered. This week, Murray Energy is fighting back against the EPA, filing a brief with the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Murray Energy continues fight against EPA’s emissions rules

4. Flooding plagued West Virginia, leaving thousands without power. According to recent updates by USA Today, the American Red Cross sent hundreds people to help in the cleanup, including both temporary workers, volunteers and emergency teams. Even West Virginia’s own Brad Paisley announced a campaign for flood victims. You can see photos from the USA Today story here, which includes some of the latest on the devastation in the state.

The Latest: Thousands remain without power in West Virginia

3. Although this story posted over a week ago, Marcellus readers continued to read and share the AP article on the revival of natural gas gross receipts tax. The idea is one of several that have been brought up in budget negotiations with Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, and House and Senate Republican majority leaders have yet to publicly embrace any part of Wolf’s election-year effort to raise taxes. This story, by PennLive, also outlines other sources of potential income laid that are up for discussion, including taxes on cigarette and tobacco products, internet gambling and liquor sales reforms. However, PennLive notes that extending the gross receipts tax to gas would seem to have more value in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus region, since more and more customers are switching to natural gas.

Budget makers eye revival of natural gas gross receipts tax

2. Can you believe it? The Baker Hughes rig count showed an increase of 10 this week! The company reported that a total of 341 rigs were searching for oil, while 89 explored for natural gas. Even though Pennsylvania and Ohio did not show an increase, at least there were no reported decreases this week!

US rig count up 10 this week to 431

  1. Oh, the scandal! Marcellus readers this week found the story about Al Gore’s daughter, Karenna Gore, particularly interesting. The former Vice President’s daughter faced charges of resisting arrest, trespassing and disturbing the peace. She plead not guilty. The next court date is scheduled for July 29 for a pre-trial hearing.

Al Gore’s daughter among 23 arrested in pipeline protest



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