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UW offering scholarships for laid off coal workers

LARAMIE, Wyo. (AP) — The University of Wyoming College of Engineering and Applied Science has created a new scholarship fund for displaced coal workers after hundreds of Wyoming coal miners were laid off in recent months.

Ten scholarships at $1,500 apiece for one academic year are being offered.

The scholarship is a one-time award, but it can be applied for and awarded again in subsequent years. The university says the scholarships will be implemented as soon as possible.

The scholarship will be available to former coal industry employees to pursue an engineering degree at UW, or an engineering-related degree at one of Wyoming’s community colleges. It also will be available to children of the displaced workers, but that award is restricted to those who plan to attend UW and seek an engineering degree only.

The scholarship is part of an initiative by the University of Wyoming engineering department that went into effect two years ago.

“Part of (our mission) is to help serve our constituents in the state and provide mechanisms for economic diversification,” said College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean Michael Pishko.

“Retraining displaced workers is a great way to do that — give them other skills to help businesses in Wyoming. This is a way to give back to the workers who have given so much to the state,” he said.

Online: Scholarship Applications

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