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harold hamm endorses donald trump
Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm endorses Republican Presidential front runner Donald Turmp. (Image: David Shankbone [Hamm] and Gage Skidmore [Trump] via Flickr)

Harold Hamm endorses Donald Trump for president

On Friday Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm endorsed Donald Trump for the 2016 Presidential Race, according to Reuters.

Hamm, a shale industry pioneer and Mitt Romney’s 2012 energy adviser, called the real estate mogul a “business leader’s candidate” and that Trump has the “fortitude to make tough decisions.”

In a public letter, Hamm wrote, “The next president of the United States must have the courage, determination and intelligence to disrupt politics as usual.”

Hamm routinely provides insights on energy industry outlooks. Earlier this week following the failure of OPEC output freeze talks, Hamm told CNBC he didn’t “have a whole lot of hope” for the cartel coming to an agreement. According to CNBC, Hamm believes that “this year’s third-quarter will absorb most of the excess oil supply, which in turn will lead to ‘stronger pricing.’”

As reported by Reuters, as Harold Hamm endorses Donald Trump it has become evident that he is parting ways with Romney, who has staunchly opposed Trump’s candidacy. A representative from Trump’s campaign was not immediately available for comment and as of publication, Hamm’s endorsement was not listed on Trump’s campaign website.

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