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Texas oil and gas production

Early report says Texas oil, gas production up from last year

Texas produced 72,849,838 barrels of crude oil and 620,188,919 Mcf (thousand cubic feet) of total gas in September, according to a preliminary report by the Railroad Commission of Texas.

The Commission regulates the oil and gas industry in Texas. Preliminary figures are based on production volumes reported by operators and will be updated as final corrected reports are received.

Preliminary production numbers are up from a year ago, when Texas reported 65,824,450 barrels of crude oil and 595,603,581 MCF of total gas production.

Preliminary September 2015 crude oil production averaged 2,428,328 barrels daily, compared to the 2,194,148 barrels daily average from a year ago.

Total gas production averaged 20,672,964 Mcf a day, up from the 19,853,453 Mcf daily average in September 2014.

Texas production in September came from 181,179 oil wells and 95,834 gas wells. For additional oil and gas statistics, visit the Railroad Commission of Texas’ website.

In related news, Chinese companies purchasing Texas oil assets.

Top 10 crude oil producing counties in Texas (preliminary)

1, Karnes, 6,148,235.

2, La Salle, 4,360,776.

3, DeWitt, 4,040, 054.

4, Midland, 3,207440.

5, McMullen, 3,200,733.

6, Upton, 3,147,206.

7, Andrews, 3,043,570.

8, Martin, 2,875,497.

9, Gonzales, 2,852,287.

10, Reeves, 2,484, 584.

Top 10 gas producing counties in Texas (preliminary)

1, Webb, 55,039,138.

2, Tarrant, 44,847,974.

3, Panola, 25,244,536.

4, Dimmit, 23,507,205.

5, Johnson, 21,055,724.

6, Karnes, 20,425,146.

7, DeWitt, 20,040,396.

8, Wise, 18,039,390.

9, La Salle, 17,164,698.

10, Denton, 15,782,656.


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