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Federal officials want more study of North Dakota wind farm

BISMARCK, N.D. — The federal Fish and Wildlife Service says more study is needed on how a $175 million wind farm in north-central North Dakota could impact bald eagles.

North Dakota Public Service Commission members signaled approval Tuesday on the 59-tubine, 100 megawatt wind farm proposed near the town of Rolette. The federal Fish and Wildlife Service says there are two bald eagle nests just outside the project’s nearly 15,000-acre footprint.

Fish and Wildlife spokesman Kevin Shelley says he would not put the project “in a low-risk” category when it comes to the danger posed to bald eagles because of the wind farm’s location.

Rolette Power Development says it is attempting to minimize the impact to bald eagles, including working with landowners to remove dead livestock that could attract the protected birds.

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  1. My Wife, Sherry, Remains Unconvinced That Wind Can Be “Farmed” As There Is Only A Finite Amount. I Told Her I Agree Even Though My Son, Hanson, And I Know Better. I Agreed Because I Don’t Want Another Damn Argument Before Bed.

  2. Especially Since I Lost The Last One. Apparently Panthers Aren’t Actually A Real Animal, But A Colloquialism For A Large, Black Cat, Particularily A Leopard Or Jaguar.

  3. Bald eagles are no long classified as endangered. We had them nesting in fir trees not far from our house. Nobody could build on that property for at least 19 years. This past year a builder developed the land.

  4. It’s a proven fact ,if you dip your Eagles in Bakken oil, they will slip right through the wind mills .

  5. Can you imagine what would happen to you if you killed a bald eagle?

  6. How many times can I post “Haha” before it becomes distasteful. If wind energy was on it’s own economically viable it would have long ago been “liberally” shouted down. Beauty is in the eye of the idealistic beholder! But I guess if you take away all other more affordable energy sources then wind and solar do become more viable, right? On the other hand the birds who must lay down their lives to wisen up those who come after them should create a windmill savvy gene pool.

  7. How do 59 turbines take up 15,000 acres explain that to me someone