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President Barack Obama speaks in front of pipe stacked for use in the Transcanada Keystone XL pipeline. (Image: Matt Wansley via Flickr)

Obama’s Keystone XL decision irks North Dakota US lawmakers

BISMARCK, N.D. — Members of North Dakota’s congressional delegation say President Barack Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline is disappointing.

Obama says he’s rejecting the pipeline because he does not believe it serves the national interest.

Republican Sen. John Hoeven and Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp both think the decision is political. Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer says Obama’s decision is “anti-growth, anti-American jobs.”

North Dakota Sierra Club spokesman Wayde Schafer applauded Obama’s move, saying it “sent a clear message that he is serious about addressing climate change.”

TransCanada Corp.’s proposed pipeline would carry more than 800,000 barrels of Canadian crude a day to refineries along the Gulf Coast. It wouldn’t go through North Dakota but it would move about 100,000 barrels of oil daily from North Dakota’s oil patch.

In related news, Cramer statement on President Obama’s rejection of Keystone XL pipeline.

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  1. What was the clue for these two. Totally political decision. He has done everything possible to bring this nation down. And he won’t stop till congress gets off their butts and stop him!

  2. Well sure it’s political. Good lord, Hoven and Heitkamp!!! Jeez. Duh!!!!

  3. Obama knows the oil business. NOT!!

  4. How does obummer even get to keep his position?

  5. And for our congressional delegation it’s all about the oil company checks

  6. What the media has hidden so well is that there are existing pipelines servicing the “Tar Sands” area so that oil will still get to Cushing. However, The Keystone XL portion would have been a larger, more direct, technologically advanced line that would have been less likely to leak and more efficient. And of course, It could have transported Bakken crude, therefore cutting into Buffet’s profits.

  7. No it couldn’t be political

  8. $$ and who really owns our government, this just enforces it. has not been power of the people for years now, its power over the people.

  9. North Dakota knows Obamas decision was based on keeping his buddies in Saudi happy in preventing America-Canadian oil and gas companies from production that would have made less profit for foreign companies and more profitable for domestic companies!

  10. Emergency crews are on the scene of a large oil tanker train derailment near Alma, Wis. in Buffalo County. Highway 35 and 37 are closed until further notice.


    • More of the typical media hysteria over “oil trains”. First, it’s not an “oil train”. It’s a mixed manifest freight. Secondly, the tank cars involved are placarded for denatured alcohol, not oil.

  11. Yep good choice! Keep giving warren all that money. Lives environment water cities jobs they don’t matter just funnel all $$$$&$$$$&$$$$$ to warren he will fix it for us all. Us sheep! Baaahh!

    • Jeff please document the amount of Alberta tar crude being transported by Buffett to TX–
      The projected through put of the K-XL 840,000 bpd, tank car holds 750 bbls = 1,200 tank cars a day-ever day. Round trip logistics 5,000 @ $15,000 ea = $75 Mn investment in a project OPEC and the price of oil could kill over night

    • Yeah your right it won’t help a bit. That makes what 5 trains now in 3 yrs.

    • Your right pipeline won’t help.railroads moved 493,126 tank cars of crude this yeah so far. So want to help in that math again.

    • Ok great your telling me warren is making nothing off all these rail cars??? That when a train derails it’s nothing. It’s a good thing to transport this poo in trucks and by rail. Put it on public roads with the kids. Really get a grip. Take it you never drove oil. Don’t live on a rail line that is out dated in a metro area. But yeah the 1.1 million barrels of oil that comes out of the ground per day couldn’t be better in a pipe line that can be monitored. Your right I’m a idiot. I’m sorry yeah let’s keep it going by rail. Because last I check Bakken crude was to be piped in there too. Ohh and I guess our biggest oil extraction 2 to Texas don’t need any others means to get to market. Hey I know lets just put it back in the ground. Not like there are any other pipelines running from Canada to the USA . This had nothing to do with his agenda or any thing. Yeah your right so no do you math for the next 40 years. Your right he won’t make poo. That pipe won’t do nothing at all. Go poo on yo self.

  12. $35 per bbl. Saudis won’t let it happen. Koch bros miffed.

  13. Y not build refineries in the USA bakken region y ship it at all. This argument buffet vs koch is getting old.

  14. What is their problem- even if approved TransCanada would not be building – not until they have customer IN CANADA contracted to generate the revenue need to pay for and make profitable. Only a fool would bury $3.2 Bn in the ground and wait for business
    There is no reason to send Bakken light south to heavy crude refineries and the is pipelines in the works direct to Illinois to replace Buffett ‘s trains
    Anybody notice the trains are not carrying the Bakken light south– neither would the K-XL

    • If K-XL North had been approved, then TransCanada would solicit subscriptions from US refineries who would be buying and shipping Canadian crude. You continue to labor under the mistaken impression that K-XL would benefit only Canada. Dead wrong. The pipeline customers paying to use the pipeline would be US refineries.

    • Benefit the US in what way — it is obvious the job claims are hype — and at over 50% Canada has been the largest supplier of imported crude to the US for more than a decade and never had a problem making delivery.

    • You said that TransCanada needed customers in Canada for its profit. Do you understand that refineries buy crude AND pay for its transportation? That means Keystone and similar pipelines have US refineries (not Canadian producers) as their customers. Also, since Canadian crude is cheaper than almost every other crude, it results in lower refined product prices. All good news for the American consumer.

  15. Check the pockets follow the money

  16. Now Heitkamp is acting like a champion for the people? She just voted to give Obama all the money he needs through and into 2017. She also helped herself to our social security fund. We EARNED that money. Her time is limited now. She’s out !!!

  17. I wonder how many millions he made from the railroads!!