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Absorbent booms are seen in the White Earth River north of where an oil well spilled thousands of barrels of oil and brine water over the weekend and into Monday. (Submitted Photo)

Oasis Petroleum says killed North Dakota oil well that blew

Oasis Petroleum Inc said on Tuesday it successfully killed a North Dakota well that had leaked oil, saltwater and natural gas since a blowout last weekend.

Oasis crews pumped more than 33,000 gallons of a bentonite clay and water mixture down the well and plugged it. The well is now permanently shuttered.

More than 67,000 gallons of oil had leaked from the well. In response to the spill, law enforcement and federal regulators closed several roads on Monday evening around the site due to concerns about the effects of leaking gas.

Pumps again began injecting the clay and water mixture into the well, located near a tributary of the Missouri River, at about 8 a.m. local time (1300 GMT). Crews had halted operations overnight out of safety concerns.

The well is located about 15 miles south of White Earth, in Mountrail County, one of the more prolific oil-producing regions in North Dakota.

The Houston-based company was first notified that the well had blown out late on Saturday night when a driver passing the site heard a loud noise and called the company’s public emergency response phone line.

Shares of Oasis were up 2.3 percent on Tuesday after earlier rising more than 6 percent in line with the broader markets and a jump in crude oil prices.

In related news, Oasis Petroleum works to plug out-of-control North Dakota well.

(Reporting by Ernest Scheyder, editing by G Crosse and Dan Grebler)

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    • Good idea. Go to the well site and say it to the rig hands.

    • Just keep having spills every day !!

    • Wow bill ward, you must be one of those people that does everything without the assistance of oil and gas, ignorant SOB…

      • Spilling salty groundwater which is pumped up with the crude oil is not a healthy thing for you or the environment. The water can contain heavy metals which are toxic, like lead or arsenic. Also salts, both inorganic and organic, much saltier than even sea water. Radioactive elements have been known to exist. Keep in mind, a hazardous material like oily water which is spilled becomes a hazardous waste. And the federal, state and local governments usually prepare a Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest to accompany the waste stream to treatment or proper disposal.

      • Herman Goodfellow

        The oil and gas industry is entirely out-of-control
        – oil companies deny their major contributions to global warming. They deny the reality of climate change. They are obstructionists
        – oil companies make pipelines that rupture like Enbridge-Enterprise in Kalamazoo and in Illinois, TransCanada Bison in Wyoming, Exxon Pegusus in Mayflower AR, and TransCanada KeystoneXL-South, which will soon rupture in TX or OK – see
        – oil companies do shoddy work that pollutes the Gulf of Mexico – ala BP. Then they expect to public to pay for it. Usually they pay no fines.
        – oil and gas companies pollute water – google Steve Lipsky or UTA-Clear
        – oil and gas companies make people living near drilling site and fracking workers sick – http://tinyurl.com/HealthFracked by Dr Anne Epstein
        – Fracking companies own the state and federal regulators. https://eaglefordtexas.com/news/id/168900/railroad-commission-is-accused-of-pay-for-play-politics/
        – Oil and gas companies never reimburse the public for the trillions of dollars of hidden health care costs they create.
        – Oil and gas companies never reimburse the public for the costs of global warming. Koch Brothers and Exxon spend billions on lies that it isn’t man made.
        – Oil companies tell us that building the ETP Big Bend Pipeline through pristine areas of Texas makes America’s energy supply secure by shipping gas to Mexico.
        – Frackers refuse to recycle water instead of stealing it from the public, ruining it permanently, and dumping it out on the ground.
        – Frackers will pollute pristine Balmorhea Springs, using its water for fracking and then poisoning the nearby aquifer.
        – Frackers cause earthquakes and deny, deny, deny.
        I could go on all day, but I’m sick and tired of thinking about this.

    • Wild Bill Billy, planes crash every day, you still fly? Cars crash and kill people everyday, you still drive? You sure do by looks of your nice selfie. Does it run on electricity? Is it made from grass and dirt? You would die with out oil there Mr wild Bill Ward

  1. Shares up 6%,rock n roll baby

    • Herman Goodfellow

      Oil is going to $20 per barrel. Give up your filthy o&g job and join the wind-solar revolution. No Arab sheikh will get you laid off. You won’t get sick. You’ll be a hero instead of a goat. You’ll live longer, be happier, be respected. And you can help the world move to energy where the fuel costs are free forever. What’s not to like.

  2. And the name of the well is…? Or would that take effort to report?

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