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7 gifs from the oil field that prove even Joe Pesci couldn’t do the job oil

Without question, the oil and gas industry ranks among of the most tiring, intense and sometimes, dangerous fields of work. Flammable explosives are products at hand and the equipment used in the business looks more like industrial torture devices.

It’s these elements that make oil and gas a prime candidate for internet insanity. Here are seven gifs birthed from the web that portray some impressive, and some horrible, days out in the oil and gas fields of the world.

In related news, 21 oilfield memes to take our minds off of rig counts.

Lighting up an oil-well

And he just walks away! Like this is the 1000th time he’s done something that awesome on the job. Even 1970’s Clint Eastwood tips his hat to that.

What a shot! Side note, I think that any job on the planet would be perfect if everyone could shoot a flare gun from time to time.

Awesome, I love this guys reaction at the end.

Not going to lie, I expected a finger to fly or a chain to take out the crew. In the words of one redditor’s comment, “I could never do this job. it’s just a lot of constantly dodging things that can kill you.” Good work boys!

Offshore operations: not for land lovers and those that need Dramamine while on a boat.

When things go wrong in the oil business, they can often turn into tragedy. This explosion happened at a Pemex facility in Mexico. Thirty-three people died as a result of the building collapsing and another 121 were injured.

Remember that one time an oil tanker was used to beat up demonic dinosaurs from another dimension? I do, and I feel having more tankers for this specific purpose is the greatest argument for the U.S. to open its oil exports.

Titled “How oil spills are handled” and hosting the company logo, the internet proved that making fun of BP is still humorous five years later.

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