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6 Reasons to clean with ultrasonic power

Ultrasonic technology delivers a more thorough clean

Ultrasonic technology possesses a quality their manual counterparts like water lack– the ability to bend. The bubbles generated through ultrasonic waves permeate an object’s every hard-to-reach nook and cranny and burst to loosen tough, built-up residue.

One major refinery in Ponca City, Oklahoma includes a hydrofluoric (HF) alkalization unit, which can cake service valves with iron fluoride and nickel fluoride scale. Traditionally, the equipment must be pH neutralized and then cleaned by sand-blasting.

Using Tech Sonic’s ultrasonic technology, equipment can be both neutralized and cleaned. In the case study for this particular project, an industry servicer utilized Tech Sonic’s green chemistries solution to neutralize the components and rid them of built-up hydrofluoric acid.

Photos courtesy of Tech Sonic International

Photos courtesy of Tech Sonic International

Equipment can be cleaned and returned to operation faster than ever

In the same case study, the duration of time spent cleaning the equipment was drastically shortened by employing the ultrasonic waves. In order to safely clean equipment using manual methods like water or sand, the valves had to sit neutralizing in soda ash for 10 to 12 hours.

In a test run of the ultrasonic technology, the servicer successfully neutralized and cleaned the equipment in 30 minutes to two hours—less than half the time of just the neutralizing segment of conventional processes.

Tech Sonic applications offer a more earth-friendly cleaning solution

Reducing water usage is not only environmentally responsible route, it’s also an economically wise decision. Tech Sonic applications allow clients to cut back on water usage and to produce less wastewater than conventional water blasting.

In documented cases, ultrasonic technology curbed companies’ water usage by more than 90 percent in North American and about 86 percent in Europe. This translated to savings of up to $5 million.

In addition, the company uses green chemistries to help loosen foulants, posing less of a threat to health and the environment.

Ultrasonic waves will tackle the grime without harming equipment

Water blasting, by its very nature, is an abrasive technique for removing plaque and built-up from equipment.

In one case study, a client attempted to remove FECO3 from heat exchangers using harsh chemicals and high-pressure water blasting methods. These methods not only failed to sufficiently clean the equipment, but also caused chemical stress fracturing of tubes, used immense amounts of water and destroyed several ‘rotating tips’ used to pressure-wash—an altogether destructive and expensive fix.

Ultrasonic vessels operate at a higher capacity than conventional methods

Once a Tech Sonic vessel reaches a job site, it can clean anything it can hold. Little additional manpower is needed to operate the ultrasonic technology, which means the vessels can run continuously until the contents are clean.

In one case study, a major refinery was able to clean more than 700 valves and 44 heat exchangers in a matter of 10 days. The speed and efficiency allows large volumes of cleaning to occur at a rapid pace—a quality crucial on a tight timeframe or in case of an emergency.

Tech Sonic applications put fewer workers at risk

Safety is paramount to continuing business; in any industry, the safety of workers deserves top priority. Tech Sonic vessels require only two people for operation—one for operation, the other for backup. By operating with a minimal workforce, Tech Sonic technology not only cuts labor costs by more than half, but also reduces workforce exposure to safety hazards.


  1. I see a brighter future for heavy metal!

  2. It doesn’t work as well as they say. Definitely has a way to go but is rooted in a great idea.

  3. It’s been around for 30 years

    • Somewhat like saying electricity has been around forever. It is using existing technology in an industry specific application to produce better results.

  4. Hasn’t the medical field been using that for years now.

  5. So? What happens the semi dissolved environmental UN friendly materials removed? Still have to dispose of it no mateter if you chip it off with a tooth brush!

    • The water usage is greatly reduced from the typical water jet blasting. This results in less waste to actually treat and a more condensed mixture. This mixture can be fed back into the process.

  6. There is a wireline application, that uses high frequency sound to start the frac instead of spotting acid.

  7. Wwlcome to the party. It’s been around for decades.

  8. I was using this 10 years ago to clean paint equipment!

  9. I bet it can’t get wireline spooge off of frac pumps…

  10. Seeing is believing.

    This technology has been around for decades, but never applied in this kind of application.

    Tech Sonic saves you time and money for the following reasons:

    1. It clean’s much better than conventional technologies which equals better process performance which equals more plant profit.

    2. It cleans way faster – up to 10x faster and runs 24/7/365.

    3. It’s safer – No more that 2 employees are required to operate a vessel. Compare that to hydro blasting and the hazards of working with high pressure.

    4. It’s Greener – Water consumption and waste water treatment are reduced by up to 90%. Do the math.

    This is why Shell has already deployed this technology at their technology in their Moerdijk, Deer Park, Sarnia and Scotford plants.

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