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STW leases new water source

Oilfield water servicer STW Resources Holding Corp. announced today that its subsidiary, STW Water Process & Technologies, purchased a brackish water lease near Fort Stockton. The new water source, the company’s second lease, will play a key role in the company’s West Texas Water Project.

STW specializes in water management, reclamation and remediation. Its water project aims to access “alternative” brackish water sources, make the water safe for drinking, and supply it to communities in need throughout West Texas.

The company continues to navigate policies and regulations as it pursues the Captain Reef Aquifer near Fort Stockton. A moratorium on sale and production of Captain Reef water will continue until the Texas Water Development Board conducts an analysis on the aquifer’s capacity. The moratorium is expected to be lifted early next year, but the leas will remain intact until then.

The company’s immediate plan of action is to finish up the first well, start drilling the second and obtain a production permit. The company expects to produce up to 1,500 gallons per minute at about $3 million per well.

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