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A man stands on a skateboard outside a Wal-Mart store in Williston, North Dakota March 13, 2013. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Williston Wal-Mart no longer open 24 hours

The convenience of 24-hour shopping is about to change at the Williston Wal-Mart as it prepares to close its doors from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. beginning August 15.

As reported by the Williston Herald, the Williston Wal-Mart is one of five stores in North Dakota that will be reallocating resources by doing away with its 24-hour policy to better prepare the store for business. The Williston location, which was unscathed by nationwide protests demanding higher wages, offers 17 dollars per hour in order to retain employees, one of the highest wages of any retailer in the nation.

Along with other businesses, the Williston Wal-Mart had to fight to support the surge of workers coming to the region and became one of the stores with the highest sales volume in the country. But even as crucial to the community as the store has been, shelves are often empty and left in disarray, something the Wal-Mart brand deemed unacceptable.

“After researching customer shopping patterns, we made a decision that we wanted to allow a few hours of reallocating resources,” Wal-Mart spokesman Brian Nick told the Herald. While some core job positions will be eliminated due to the adjusted hours, Nick said, “Our first priority is to take care of our associates. We can have associates transferred within the store to other responsibilities.” Employees have been offered other positions within the store or have been offered shift changes. If all else fails and the employee has been working there full-time for over a year, the employee will be offered a severance package. To read the original article, click here.


  1. People used to buy stuff off the pallet lol

  2. Oh No!! Those late hours were usually my only available time!

  3. What! ….no more drunken brawls at 2am over the last roll of toilet paper!

  4. They couldnt keep it stocked when stocking 24 hrs what will make the difference. There isnt that many ppl in there at 3am to buy stuff

  5. Never been there. Never want to. Hahaha

  6. That place was a complete trash bomb when I was there.

  7. Same here in Midland/Odessa Texas. Wth is going on?

  8. The Afrikaners they hired don’t know how to work.

  9. Walmart can screw off we don’t need them

  10. Sure don’t miss the 45 min check out line up there in Williston!

  11. Quit shopping there when they wouldn’t let me park there to do my shopping wanted
    U.S. Truck drivers to park over at loonies and carry
    Our groceries and what ever else I bought while
    I was there now I lived out of my semi the whole time I worked up there this would become quite an inconvenience so I say FWWM! Won’t spend a dime there

    • Drive an 18 wheeler ? A loaded 18 wheeler can break up the parking lot. And shopping carts are so hard to push–

    • Never went in there with even a trailer attached to the truck and for four years Pryor to this banning of trucks they had no problem with it and yes it was a semi Walmart lets us park there all over the country except in Williston. And now the boom is over they
      Will change there policy

  12. Maybe it will go back to 12 hr days – things change, we adjust 🙂

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