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FirstEnergy: Power plant construction will move forward

FirstEnergy Corp. announced that it will be moving forward with a necessary construction project at its Beaver County power plant.

President Jim Lash said the company has decided to move ahead with its project that will remove water from the Bruce Mansfield power plant’s stream of coal ash slurry.  The reason for proceeding with the construction is due to the company’s deadline approaching.  FirstEnergy’s goal with the new facility is to ensure the plant will be able to continue operating after December 31st, 2016.

As reported by the Pittsburgh Business Times, “That’s the date FirstEnergy (NYSE:FE) has agreed to close the impoundment to which the Bruce Mansfield slurry is stored. As a result of the agreement, the plant needs to send its waste elsewhere, but the new disposal plans will require that the slurry be dried first.”

Lash explained in that order for the company to meet its deadline and have the facility completed, it had to move forward with construction. Executives of FirstEnergy had previously said the company would continue with preliminary work, but now the company is digging and pouring foundations.

FirstEnergy put the project on pause because of the PJM Interconnection’s annual capacity auction.   The auction, which typically takes place in May, was pushed back due to the grid manager waiting for approval on a few market program changes.  Lash explained that the plant, which has “failed to clear two previous capacity auctions, is, at the moment, competitive.”

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