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Bring your pet to work day: Oil field edition

Bring your pet to work day is typically something that occurs in places where people are stuck at a desk, slaving away on the computer and sitting for hours in an uncomfortable chair through conference call after conference call.  Well today, that all changes.  We are going straight to the oilfields and showing off the industry’s best “rig pets.”

After doing some intense searching, I have found some of the cutest, ugliest and oddest “rig pets” you will ever see at an oil rig site.  So, without further ado, I now present to you the top 13 “rig pets.”

1. The puppy dog


According to this pup’s photographer, this was the only hardhat available and he isn’t a fan of salesmen.

2. Camels


These lovely camels are from Nabors Rig F21 in Algeria.

3. The “Rig Boa”


From the photographer, “Well it it ain’t no mooring line…” Ha, that’s for sure!

4. Wylie the Coyote


According to the people at this site, “Night pumpers get their pets too.”

5. The Texas Brown Tarantula


While this isn’t this guys best close up, he’s still kind of cute, right?  According to the team responsible for the photo, the tarantula was found near Barnart, Texas.

6. This “Thing”


The photographer said it best, “Scariest rig pet ever!”

7. Bambi


According to the photographer this little guy knew exactly where to find food and was lucky the hunters at the site could restrain themselves.

8. America’s great Bald Eagle


The people that witnessed this guy and photographed him say he landed on the A-legs while they were moving the rig, and before he continued on with his day he watched the the team work on the floor.

9. The “Rig Lizard”


This big fella was discovered in K.S.A. near the Kuwait border.  According the people who found him and photographed him, you don’t want one of these guys biting you or your life could be cut short.

10. The kitten


This is Venezuela, and according to the crew he has disappeared from their rig site, but still holds the title of the rigs longest servant, 8 years to be exact.

11. The Goldfish


This little guy has survived on the rig for two years now, which is still shocking to his rig crew family.

12. Foxes


Meet Earl the fox.  This probably isn’t his best picture, but he has joined the people at this rig site and made himself right at home.

13. The “Rig Monkey”



The Geodrill Rig #2 has become home to this little guy.  Oh, and his crew family has named him Marty.


All of the photos and captions for this list were provided by Righands.com.

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