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Three injured after tornado nails gas rig in north Texas

As Texas continues to be slammed by severe weather and flooding after four years of drought, few areas of the state are escaping unscathed. Another major storm in north Texas Wednesday night produced a tornado that set its sights on a natural gas drilling rig, according to Reuters.

Three workers on the drilling rig sustained injuries. One individual got away with minor injuries, another received wounds on his face, and the last apparently suffered “an impalement to the abdomen,” according to Hemphill County Sheriff James Pearson.

The more seriously injured worker remains in stable condition at Hemphill County Hospital.

Although information has not been released by officials on the status of the rig and its operations, there was extensive damage to small buildings, also called “doghouses,” adjacent to the rig floor.

Thankfully the tornado missed the nearby town of Canadian, which has a population of nearly 3,000 people. However, highways have been closed due to flooding and debris in the tornado’s wake.

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