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Southwestern Energy is moving in on the action in Pennsylvania

Southwestern Energy Co. is tossing around the idea of building an operating base in southwestern Pennsylvania’s shale fields.

As reported by the Pittsburgh Business Times, Paul Geiger, Southwestern’s senior vice president of the company’s new Appalachia division, explained, “The company is looking to set up what he’s calling a ‘forward operating base’ — a dual purpose satellite office and equipment yard — so that it can be closer to its near-term development area.”  As of now, the Appalachia division is located in Jane Lew, West Virginia, in office space that the company acquired when purchasing assets in the area from Chesapeake Energy Corp.  According to Geiger, the location of the division’s current office is not ideal considering it is not located near the areas it plans to start developing:

The beginning of our drilling program is up in the (West Virginia) panhandle area. I expect that well need some footprint up there more central to the center of gravity in the panhandle … I think it’s important to us to minimize the amount of vehicular traffic that we have. When you look at not only at our production operations, but also our drill-and-complete operations, we’re doing some modeling to understand how we might best minimize the amount of mileage and truck traffic associated with our development.

Geiger also shared that one of the locations that the division is considering developing the operating base in is Washington County.

Since acquiring land from Chesapeake and Statoil, Southwestern has started developing over 400,000 acres between southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Geiger mentioned that over the next 20 years the company plans to invest over $25 billion into the land

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