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Vitter meets with industry leaders, prepping for gubernatorial campaign

Louisiana Sen. David Vitter met with oil and gas industry leaders in Lafayette this morning. And while he says there were no surprises during the meeting, he’s now better equipped to understand the industry’s struggles, according to The Advertiser.

The meeting, stretching for roughly an hour and a half, covered everything from litigation against oil and gas companies to the need for a smoother regulatory process. Of course, discussion included outlooks amidst low oil prices in a flooded market. Unfortunately, Vitter noted that industry professionals have a multitude of opinions on how 2015 might continue to unfold, expressing little consensus about what to expect.

The Louisiana Oil & Gas Association was also present at the meeting, represented by its president, Don Briggs. Briggs expressed optimism about the meeting, particularly pleased that Vitter is seeking to understand such a vital aspect of Louisiana’s economy. Vitter is running for governor in the state’s gubernatorial election later this year.

Louisiana’s current governor, Bobby Jindal, has kept one eye clearly on a presidential campaign in 2016 for the GOP. Under the state’s constitution, governors may only serve two terms, making him ineligible for re-election regardless. The gubernatorial election will take place on October 24, 2015.

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