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Twitter explodes with Keystone backlash

Within the hour of President Barack Obama’s veto of the Keystone XL pipeline, social media blew up with backlash against the decision. Of course, with battle as old as the Keystone, every political move has someone losing and left disgruntled. But, thanks to the digital age, we get the pleasure of receiving those bursts of emotional rage nearly instantaneously.

Below are some of the most interesting comments to come across the twitter-sphere. Some highlights include Republican Speaker John Boehner calling the veto a “national embarrassment” and claiming the only winners of the decision were environmental extremists and the Chinese. I wonder how all the oil field workers and roustabouts who have voiced their disapproval of the project would feel being called tree huggers.

According to the most recent count, Keystone supporters in the Senate are at least four votes shy of the two-thirds vote needed to override an Obama veto. More than 2,300 days have passed since the first Keystone application was introduced. Throughout the President’s time in office, this is only the third veto Obama has implemented.

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