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CSU: How does oil and gas production affect households?

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences recently awarded Colorado State University (CSU) a two-year grant of $275,000 to find out how oil and gas production affects residents’ day-to-day lives. According to a Denver Business Journal article, The Colorado School of Public Health at CSU will survey 1,400 households in Greeley and Fort Collins.

“There isn’t a lot of research on what happens within communities when oil and gas development occurs,” said John Adgate, a professor and chair at the Colorado School of Public Health. “We’d like to see if people note changes related to quality of life—and those changes could be positive, negative or static. The important thing is that the results will help government agencies, local officials, nonprofit and public health agencies to better address the concerns of area residents when making decisions about future oil and gas production.”

Surveys will appear this week in randomly selected mailboxes from each city; 700 in Greeley, 700 in Fort Collins. A second round of surveys will make their way to the same households in the spring to gauge changes that may have occurred.

The Colorado School of Public Health expected the voluntary surveys to take about 25 minutes to complete and offers a small incentive for those who fill them out.

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