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North Dakota to test for tainted drinking water

As a result of the recent pipeline rupture outside Glendive, Montana, the North Dakota Department of Health will begin testing drinking water in Williston and other municipalities to determine if public health is at risk, according to a report by The Bismarck Tribune.

The pipeline, owned by Bridger Pipeline LLC, released an estimated 40,000 gallons of oil into the Yellowstone River. The site of the breach is located about 50 river miles away from North Dakota where the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers meet. Environmental Chief for the Department of Health David Glatt reports that a field team will being sampling drinking water from the Missouri River and other open river water to see how far downstream the oil has traveled.

On Tuesday degraded oil was visible on the surface of the Yellowstone River near Savage, Montana, and an oil sheen can be seen on the river near Sidney, Montana. Glatt said, “I don’t think it’s reached the North Dakota-Montana line.” The sampling will determine if the river water in North Dakota has been affected, and the lab tests are expected to be completed by this weekend.

After testing in Williston is complete, samples of drinking water will be taken in New Town along with the Southwest Water Pipeline located further downstream. The Tribune reports that the department is working in cooperation with health officials from Montana and the Environmental Protection Agency. Bridger LLC reports that the flow of its Poplar line has been stopped. The pipeline carries crude produced in the Bakken to the company’s Butte line.


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