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Sabine Pass enlists GE maintenance services for $1 billion

The Sabine Pass LNG facility, one of several liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities popping up on the Gulf Coast, now has the full technical support of General Electric for equipment GE provided for the project. GE and Sabine Pass Liquefaction, a subsidiary of Cheniere Energy Partners, have signed a $1 billion deal which gives the energy giant an even larger role in the operation of the export terminal.

Approved in September, the Sabine Pass plant will both liquefy natural gas and serve as an export terminal for LNG tankers. Already under construction in Cameron Parish, the operation is expected to be a boon to Louisiana’s economy. With the new contract, GE will be responsible for spare parts, planned inspections, maintenance and 24-hour technical support for some of the plant’s most important equipment, the gas turbines and refrigerant compressors on four of the LNG trains. According to the Environmental Leader, there will be six turbines per train, and each train is expected to produce 4.5 million metric tons of LNG each year.

The newly-penned deal ensures that GE will provide these services for a minimum of 20 years. A team of 14 local experts will be on hand to maintain the GE-owned equipment on the trains.


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