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Zach Koppang/ Shale Plays Media

ND counties raise housing loan limit

As of Jan. 1 residents of the counties of Burleigh, McKenzie, Morton, Oliver, Sioux, Stark and Williams will be able to take out more money for FHA housing loans. Affordable housing has been an ongoing struggle in the western part of North Dakota, following an oil boom that has caused the population to increase exponentially an extreme amount. This increase in the loan threshold will allow lower to middle income families to more easily afford homes in the area.

Last month, Wooden Bowl II opened in New Town, a 20-unit apartment complex complemented by the new recently-constructed bypass. It was funded by the MHA Nation oil income. Its construction has alleviated some of the housing stress that the reservation has experienced since the implementation of hydraulic fracturing in the state changed its economic landscape forever. More housing will also be coming to Killdeer, ND by the end of next July.


  1. Yea you should see what there selling them for ! A 150k house for 350k ! It’s a wonder the bank is willing to loan out the money to these price gouging bastards ! 30 yr old tailer houses renting out for 3500 a month ? Smh …

    • Let me ask you sir. If your employer offered you twice your wages would you take it?

    • What good is it if it has to go to such high priced living ? Think about it … Go to ND and make yes good money but have a mortgage payment of double what it should be ? Or go to another area where the work is just the same and pay is not quite as much and still be able to get an affordable living situation ? Just because people are getting paid good is no reason to stick it to them ! I’ve seen people paying over 1800 a month for a 12×12 room with a bed in it ! Is that right ? Hell no … And by your comment your saying it’s ok because there getting paid better than they ever have before . Smh …

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