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Zach Koppang//Shale Plays Media

Oasis buys Williston water for fracking

Last week The Williston City Commission approved an agreement between Oasis Petroleum and the city to sell its wastewater to the company. The wastewater will be used for the hydraulic fracturing process. This contract will bring in approximately $110,000 to the city. Oasis expects to buy 440,000 barrels of wastewater. This arrangement will be positive for the city because, according to Public Works, there is ‘more wastewater coming into the plant than they can deal with.’

The water treatment plant is located in close proximity to the Oasis site that will be using it. This will alleviate the use of water trucks, allowing Oasis to take the water directly out of the pond. Fracking a well in North Dakota requires around 2 million gallons of water initially and 600 gallons per day for maintenance. Without water salt buildup can restrict the flow of oil. North Dakota’s wells have a higher salinity than other shale plays.


  1. Takes 2 million gallons to frack and 600 daily to operate, but only buying approx 450,000 gallons.? Where is the rest of the story as these numbers don’t add up. Just wondering.

  2. 440,000 barrels, not gallons. Roughly 42 gal per barrel

  3. 440,000 barrels, that’s 18 mil gallons

  4. Sorry I did not read thoroughly. My apologies.

  5. I’ll be darn …no s&$#!!!!

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